Colorado Fires-Someone seen throwing smoke bomb or incendiary device out of vehicle window at 3:30 AM

While I am writing this, our skies once again are so filled with smoke from forest fires that we can't even see our beautiful Rocky Mountains. I am a native along with my dad and we have never seen anything like what we have seen the last couple of years in Colorado (always starting in June like clockwork). No matter what the media is's more than...windy,hot and extreme drought that's causing these extreme outbursts of fires in our beautiful state...IMHO. A friend of mine that works in the medical field was sharing a couple stories with me last night. First, she told me that her medical director works closely with Northcom and this person believes there is strong indications of terrorism in regards to the fires.  Second, she has friends just last week after the Black Forest Fire was started that experienced a very strange event outside their foothills home at 3:30am. They were getting up at this time to catch a flight and when they looked out the window they noticed a very suspicious vehicle that was not familiar to the area. They watched for a few minutes, when suddenly someone in the vehicle threw out something unidentifiable but what they knew for a fact is it created smoke(fire). Her friend use to work for fire dept and rushed to put it out. They called the fire dept and gave their story. How chilling to think there are people out trying to start these fires.  These people doing this definitely have an agenda. MARY FROM COLORADO

Jun 22, 2013

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