FROM RICK WILES-Following the Supreme Court decision, my spirit was heavy with sadness and grief knowing that the USA has gone over the morality cliff and is spiraling out of control. At this point in time, there is no point in trying to stop it…or even slow it down.

Like the ancient Israelites, the American people have made a conscious decision to rebel against the one true holy God of the universe. There will be serious repercussions in the days ahead. During a fast in the first week of 2010, the Holy Spirit told me that America’s wealth, power, and prestige in the world will be stripped away and distributed to various nations. It won’t be only one nation that benefits. The blessings will be distributed to numerous countries.

Let me make an announcement to the leaders of nations around the world: Any nation that makes a firm decision to preserve and honor Christianity right now is a prime candidate to receive America’s fleeting blessings.

For a brief time in human history, America was the most blessed nation on the planet. Those days are coming to an end. The God who blessed us is now removing the blessings. In the coming years, the standard of living for Americans will be drastically reduced as the global economic crisis worsens. Few people will associate the loss of economic wealth and personal liberty with the country’s decadence, sin, and rebellion against God. Spiritually mature people will recognize what is taking place in the land.

The good thing is that God’s new covenant is with individuals – not a nation, such as in the days of ancient Israel. Under the New Covenant, individuals who believe on the name of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are the nation of God. The nation isn’t confined to political borders. The nation of God’s people transcends national borders and oceans. The nation of God is worldwide.

In ancient Biblical times, the Hebrew people represented the nation of God on earth wherever they were geographically at the time. Whether they were in the Promised Land, Egypt, or Babylon didn’t matter. They were one nation. They retained their cultural identity regardless of where they were living. In modern times we see a similar spiritual cohesiveness in the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican City is a legal city-state. The Papacy, however, represents a nation of one billion Catholics around the world. Have you ever wondered why the Pope is treated as a head of state when he visits nations? It is because he IS a head of state. He is visiting HIS people who reside in a particular nation.

I’m saying these things because the Body of Jesus Christ must come to the realization that they are now captives in Babylon. America as we have known it for over 300 years is over. New Babylon has emerged. Any attempt to restore it to its original beauty is a waste of time and resources. I know that statement isn’t going down very well for a lot of you…but I’m speaking as a pastor, not a patriot.

At approximately 5:30 pm yesterday I went into our chapel to pray. As I said, my heart was heavy over the rejoicing in the land regarding the Supreme Court decision. Did the people not know what will happen to us? I told our Heavenly Father again that if I could have my way, I’d pack up and move to a country where the people love Him. As always, however, I promised to do His will, not mine. I opened my Bible and immediately was staring at Jeremiah 42.

The Hebrew people had been taken captive to Babylon. They were agitated and upset. They went to Jeremiah and said, and this is a paraphrase, “Hey Jeremiah, we want to go to Egypt to get out of this mess. Will you pray and ask God for His guidance?” Jeremiah said, “Sure, but do you promise to obey whatever the God of Israel says to do?” “Oh yes, Jeremiah,” was the reply. “We promise to obey. Go and ask Him.”

Jeremiah came back and said, “Ok, we’ve got a deal, right?” “Yes sir! Tell us what God said!” Jeremiah said, “The Lord says you should build houses here in Babylon, get married, have children, and plant gardens because you’re going to be here for a long, long time.”

After reading it, I sighed and said, “Father I promised to obey you. I’m going to stop whining to you about being stuck in Babylon. Let’s get on with it. Please give me my assignment since you’ve made it clear I’m going to be here for awhile….. And I said, “But please don’t go into your closet and pull out a Dietrich Bonheoffer costume with my name tag on it. I’m not sure I’m ready for that job yet.” I really did say it! I simply sighed and said, “OK, give me my assignment and lets get on with the job.”

At that moment Susan walked in the chapel. She too had been praying, but outside our building. She told me that after reading the Supreme Court gay rights articles she asked the Lord what we are supposed to do now.

Susan said an image flashed in her mind. She saw a large number of wild horses in a corral. They were agitated. The wild horses were kicking and running around the coral and rearing up in the air wanting to get out.

She asked the Lord what it meant: The Holy Spirit said, “You and Rick are to tame the remnant.”

I instantly knew what it meant. The beautiful wild stallions and mares are the American Christians who have roamed freely in the land all their lives. They’ve been rounded up and penned in a corral. They were locked up inside a fenced area. No longer could they roam free like their ancestors. They had been captured and fenced. It is a sad thought. Beautiful and majestic wild stallions and mares that majestically galloped across the land of the free and home of the brave…but now they are captured and locked in a pen.

Why must the remnant be tamed? We’re not getting out of the corral to run as free creatures again. Freedom has fled. Liberty is lost. The lock down has begun. We are prisoners of Babylon.

Wild horses must be broken in to have any use of them. They have to settle down, accept the bit in their mouth, and allow their master to guide them as He pleases. Father has removed our freedom. He is allowing us to be penned up in the corral. In order for us to be of any use to Him in the Last Days, we must calm down and accept the bit He desires to place in each of our mouths. The bit is painful when we resist it. Submission to His authority will remove the pain. (Steve~This is a true word of wisdom and one that each of us will face in the weeks and months ahead. The Father has tethered us to Himself and though we may be frantic at the thought of staying where we are in our lives in the natural, as we entrust the Lord to keep us in His perfect will, chomping at the bit to be released from being penned in after being free to roam and come and go for several hundred years - my sense is that though everything in me says run away from this country and find a safer place to live, the still small voice of the Lord comes and asks me why. I have no answer. To whom shall we run and most of all, why....I think many people are still being moved around by the Father to various places in this country and even in the world, however, for the majority of true disciples of Christ, it seems we are where we're supposed to be unless the Lord supernaturally intervenes and changes our direction to go somewhere else. May our living Father bless us with His grace and peace to STAND FIRMLY IN PLACE, WHERE WE'VE BEEN PLANTED, "having done all to stand". Blessings in our Lord Jesus~Romy)

Jun 29, 2013

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