Steve, I have been listening to your shows on YTUBE for the last couple of weeks. a After retiring from Law Enforcement and the Guard i decided to start asking questions of my old friends. Some of the answers that I started getting have been quite disturbing. Most of the ones that are left in the organizations lately have been cutting family ties, getting divorced and getting their families to move away. Even asking questions have made allot of people very nervous. You are on the right track keep up with what your doing. Sane people that I have been through some tuff times are telling me to cut ties with my old brothers in arms and not to contact anyone. People are scared. I spoke to my old partner that had no fear of anything much less the devil himself is scared stiff. His way to protect his family was to send them away and not to have any contact with them. He tells me that September or early October things will get pretty heavy. I was also told that DHS is distributing their 2700 armored SWAT vehicles to the field. They are not even letting local law enforcement have access to them. It was also said that they DHS is keeping it's distance from Local departments. They have integrated the computers and intelligence information into the federal computers but will not share any information. There is a strong mis-trust of DHS and the local cops. The ladder climbers and the IAD people are the only ones that appear to have a good relation with DHS. My friend told me to look at moving out west or at least several hours away from any major city. During one of their disaster drills they were told that they can go to the churches in the community to pick up the membership list for recovery purposes. When they were questioned about this they were told it was just a resource and that it could be used for identification purposes. That is bull, there is no way that such a list can be used for that reason. I've served as a law enforcement officer for 20 years and worked several hurricanes. We never used anything like that. I have a personal relationship with Christ but do not go to church. Keep up with what your doing it is making a difference. God bless you and I hope this will help you. I know this is not on most of the stuff that your working on but be careful and dont forget Psalms 91

Jul 2, 2013

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