The V Files

“Look, this is not the time to waste your time investing in any company or diversifying your portfolio. You should have done this ten years ago.
It is a time to continue to buy bullion no matter what the spot price is.”
The following pages contain chronological emails sent since the end of March 2012 from an anonymous European investment banker (he signs his emails with the initial “V”) to a radio talk show host and author (Steve Quayle) regarding the European debt crisis, the predicted collapse of the Euro and its affect on the U.S. dollar. This informant has been sharing behind-the-scenes information on what insiders have been calling the “Spanish flu” / “Swine flu” along with his intel on:
• Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain (PIIGS)
• Euro / Eurozone crash/collapse/slowdown
• JP Morgan $150B derivative trade loss
• $200 - $300T American derivative exposure
• Bank runs
• Solvency crisis
• Market crash
• Meltdown
• Silver & gold manipulation
• Electronic traded funds (ETFs)
• Western fractional reserve banking
• Bank holiday
• Credit default swap (CDS) exposure
• Liquidity crisis
• Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (BRICS)
• Mining stocks
• Economic reset
• Capital controls
• Housing bubble
• Bank deposits
• U.S. debt
• Currency devaluation
• Currency war
• Trade war
• Precious metals
• Hyperinflation
• U.S. treasure bubble
• Commodities
• U.S. dollar collapse
• $1Q Global derivative debt
• “Hacking” of European banks
• $800T London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) scandal
• Global Stealth Cyber Bank Run (GSCBR)
• MF Global


• PFG Best
• JP Morgan
• Hyperinflationary depression
• QE3
• Metals supression
He offers specific strategies to protect your money and investments from this crisis.
The expected Euro collapse will ultimately affect financial and economic conditions in the U.S. which is why you should pay particular attention to the information in these emails and take the appropriate action (sooner rather than later) to preserve your net worth.
The emails have been reproduced unedited and in their entirety. Because Steve’s web site has undergone a new design recently (8/1/12), the links to the older emails no longer work. Unfortunately, all of V’s emails prior to August 1, 2012 have been purged from the new web site. Therefore, this PDF document contains the only known collection of all of V’s emails.
This document will be updated as newer emails are published and can be downloaded from http://tiny.cc/b2tziw. Share this info with those you care about.
“I will make it as clear for you as possible:
your wealth, your way of life and your posterity's future is being purged, flushed and burned out.
It’s time to get out of dodge. What are you waiting for?”


Email #1
http://stevequayle.com/News.alert/12_Money/120312.Euro.banker.html http://tiny.cc/g5uxgw
Alert From European Investment Banker
March 12, 2012 Steve,
I am someone who has worked for one of the largest investment banks in the world RBS and I can tell you that the contagion of debt has run its course. We are already prepped for a Greek default this month especially since the recent downgrade by Fitch.
I can tell you is this, watch the Eurozone carefully, even though Greece is the star, the UK and it's Financial power center "The City" is in a whole heap of trouble that is much worse than Greece or any of the PIIGS; France included. If Greece goes down this month, Legarde and Co are working laboriously but an uncooperative Greek public and a Situation beyond repair is not making it easy for the WB, IMF robber barons.
When the default happens you have about two maybe three weeks to get out of the dollar. After that it will be impossible.
Regards, V.


Email #2
http://stevequayle.com/News.alert/12_Money/120412.Greece.html http://tiny.cc/psuxgw
Greece in Receivership – Planned Financial Crash Date From Bank Insider
April 12, 2012 Steve,
I write to you today to let you in on what some of the insiders at RBS, UBS, and Goldman Sachs already know. Greece has defaulted in secret. The strip mining of it's lands, wares, resources, and infrastructure has begun and is in fact final stages.
That is the reason that the current technocrat in power is a former operative at Goldman Sachs. Same goes for Italy. We have already begun the proceedings in secret to absorb more of Greek banking, along with PNB Paribas, SAG, and Satander. They will keep the Euro afloat as long as possible. Next action will be Italy and Spain before the full "public" MSM announcement of Greek default will be official. By then the same strip mining pillage/programs will have already begun finishing their work on the rest of PIIGS. Look for a Euro crash end of 2012 followed by Dollar Collapse two weeks later.
Look to see market slowdown the next few weeks. Plunge Protection team working overtime. Regards,

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Email #3
http://stevequayle.com/News.alert/12_Money/120516.bank.update.html http://tiny.cc/6auxgw
Update From International Banking Source
May 15, 2012 Steve,
The warning shots have begun. I will tell you that this week has been heavy in the financial world, as I predicted that it would be from my last update till the winter. The reverberations of the JP Morgan $2 Billion dollar derivative trade loss is playing out and the fissures have finally began to manifest on the foundations of the world market. What you will see in the next few weeks is continued talks and hearings about financial regulations and other such stall tactics. This is all a cover and a ruse. The $2 billion dollar loss is just a smoke screen to further hide the truth of the $2 billion loss from MF Global. Which I will tell you from my sources Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan Chase were the sole beneficiaries of that "Loss" . In truth JP Morgan has taken delivery and full liquidation of MF Global assets, thus the $2 billion derivative loss is no big deal for the following reasons:
1- Americans and most MSM talking heads do not understand derivatives, thus it is easy to throw out cliches, axioms and jargon with cries for more regulations. Thus Dimon and his cronies at JPM know that they will skate free from all litigation. After all he was once again voted in as CEO by the JPM board. Why? Because he covered the loss of JPM trades with MF Global's "missing" $2 billion. JPM knew about the derivative loss for months.
2- The $2billion loss will cause the needed outcry from America's Banker (Dimon) to call for more power that will favor the Too Big To Fails (TBTF) Banks. This will allow them to further prop up the crumbling economy just long enough that it will allow them to further liquidate and conglomerate Americas wealth into fewer and fewer hands. All this before the coming Euro collapse which will occur this winter. This $2billion JPM trade loss is the perfect catalyst needed by the MSM to keep the ruse and distraction going.
Greece has gone past the point of no return and RBS, UBS, Satander and SG are all implementing the final contingency plans for a Euro withdrawal and Drachma resurgence. This will occur very quickly creating hyper velocity and massive Euro bond dumps the likes of which we have never seen. The actions of Greace will inspire Austerity strapped Italy, Spain and Portugal to do the same. France will tailspin as the French have the greatest exposure to this coming crisis than any other nation in the Eurozone. Look for Francios Hollande to move for a Euro exit as well due to overwhelming pressure from his far left socialist party. Hollande has to comply, if he does not it would be political suicide.
Same goes for Germany, Merkel's party lost BIG in Germany's largest state North Rhine Westphalia (NRW), which way NRW goes, so goes the rest of Germany. Anti Euro sentiment is strong and it can not be stopped no matter what the bankers are doing.
The Euro is on it's last legs I do not see this currency continuing past 2013. There will be a quick dash to the dollar as a security blanket but that too will fail once the American derivative exposure can no longer be hidden. The final straw that will bring down this house of cards will be the $200-$300 Trillion of American derivative exposure. The derivative bubble will pop. What Dimon and JPM has signaled to the world elites and bankers in code is simply this...."It's time to get out of dodge."
Best Regards, V.

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Email #4
http://stevequayle.com/News.alert/12_Money/120529.bank.update.html http://tiny.cc/z4txgw
International Banking Source Update On Beginning Derivative Default And Huge JPM Loss
May 29, 2012 Steve,
Here is the latest run down on JPM. They are stopping their share repurchasing for this very reason. You see their is a two front issue with JPM ; one, their naked shorting of the silver market which is well documented and two, their massive derivative exposure.
The derivative market that JPM plays in is the CDX.NA.IG.9, when factions within their London office (London Whale) made overly leveraged swaps, hedge funds smelled blood and so did a few banks. You see any moves that JPM does here on out exposes their weakness further. Which they can not afford any more exposure thus they are not buying back any more shares which is the equivalent of cutting an artery in a pool full of sharks. The strategy they are taking right now is to sit through the storm and ride it out as they can do nothing else for any action will make them even more vulnerable.They can not absorb hits in both JPM SLV and CDX.NA.IG.9. Inactivity is not something they want to do it is something they have to do. There is no other choice for them.
JPM is now in a panic as they are trying to unwind their losses without further signaling loss which will cause the other Big Banks like RBS, UBS, SocGen, PNB and Goldman Sachs will make at least $500 billion each on JPM's position. They will do this by cooking the books.
Steve this is the truth, JW and others are right about the losses of JPM's position, the reality is...brace yourself, the loss is over $150 billion!!! That is from the $100 billion loss in CDX and the $50 billion in other over- leveraged bets against it.
Massive is an understatement. The Fed and Dimon is working overtime to cover up the fissure, they can keep the sharade going for only so long. Many were looking for the collapse to begin in the derivative market, this is the sign everyone has been looking for, again...BRACE YOURSELF.
Regards, V.
Email #5
http://stevequayle.com/News.alert/12_Money/120601.bank.update.html http://tiny.cc/rwnufw
Acceleration Of Financial Meltdown Can't Be Stopped / From International Banker Friend
May 31, 2012 Steve,
The Iron boot has been firmly planted to the pedal of this runaway tractor trailer that is heading off the cliff. All of the Euro banks including my former associates at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) are all prepped and ready for the Euro collapse. What we in the inside are calling "Spanish Flue" is now running hot with temperatures that are setting ten year yields sky high. What many do not realize is that Bankia's demise has started a breach in all the firewalls and safety measures that are in place in the Eurozone. This had an immediate effect on the Italian markets as you can now see the pandemonium that is there.
We keep hearing reports of massive bank runs that are occurring across many of the PIIGS but is not just limited to them. As I stated many times the UK and France are the most vulnerable to the Eurozone collapse, many of their populace are cashing out of their equities though there is a massive media blackout about this. European contacts report that there is a flight to German bonds, UK and a mass migration to the US dollar. But these currency life preserver jumps will not help as the contagion in all FIAT markets are affected. It is a game of hot potato that the investors are playing, jumping from one asset to the next and again before the one that they just jumped to burns. A juggling act with fire that cannot be quenched. Gold jumped over $40, it is telling us something.
Many banks in the Eurozone are stuffed with US Bonds/TBills as a hedge, this will not work for them for the following reasons:
1- The American TBTFs (Too Big to Fails) are filled to the brim with T-Bills, so are many banks in the Eurozone, the backroom deal was take the bills, bolster your balance sheets, dont sell them and We (Federal Reserve) will help you out. Why do you think the details of a Fed bailout of Eurobanks were never fully divulged? It is because they are being propped up by any means possible including American Treasuries that can not be dumped.
2- They cannot dump them, the main reason is that the Fed is THE # 1 buyer of American Debt. Yes that is correct #1 not #2 we have surpassed the Chinese, since the ChiComs did not show for many of the last bond auctions and are stealth dumping US Debt Obligations. This has caused the balancing act to begin...Fed is Printing, at the same time buying what it prints, thus the banks can't lend causing a solvency crisis the likes of which we have not seen and killing all credit markets like a ELE (Extinction Level Event) This will create a hyper Velocity Parabolic crash.
There is no stopping this...We are still on track as I have been predicting for a while now for a fall/winter collapse of the Eurozone and naked exposure of all derivative markets the world over. Europeans will go through a major reset, after time they will recover as Europeans do not carry the type of personal debt that Americans do. It is for America that I worry. Look for these signs next:
1- JPM will be bailed out again but it will not stop the coming market crash. More details will emerge about their derivative swap failure $150 billion and counting.

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2-BOA (BAC Bank of America) will fold and be absorbed into JPM as a way to prop up the bleeding Giant. JPM will get the best picking of this deal just like they got with Bear Stearns.
3- Massive layoffs at Citigroup and Wells Fargo
4- Goldman Sachs finally pays the piper, look for massive cuts there as well as BIG Losses 5- Bond market bust which leads to freeze of all bond sales
6- Derivative bust the next one will be BOA followed by Citigroup
7- All CDS shorts and swaps will freeze.
8- Total Meltdown
Those who are ready begin to implement GOOD (Get Out Of Dodge) Plan. Keep what you need in paper and what you can afford to lose in banks in order to pay day to day expenses/bills. The rest of your investments/retirements should NOW be pulled from the market and moved to safe haven assets like Precious metals, farmland, fire arms and food. Prepare to ride out what we are calling the coming RESET BUTTON.
GodSpeed, V.

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Email #6
http://stevequayle.com/News.alert/12_Money/120607.financial.alert.html http://tiny.cc/ounufw
Financial Alert From International Banker- My Discussion With Him This Morning
June 7, 2012
SQ: What are you hearing on the cartel's breaking point on silver manipulation and when do you think it ends.
V's answer: As the Euro collapses whether this summer or fall, I think there will be a complete stop to silver and gold manipulation for the following reasons: 2 weeks is all that is needed for the Euro collapse to lay bare the dollar deception. At this point all (interest rate swaps) will cease, derivative swaps will implode and the truth of US dollar safe harbor will go up in flames.
When this occurs the ETF (paper markets) will reflect whatever the trading price is at point of market collapse. This price point level will be held as it would take a further 2 more weeks to liquidate all silver and gold in repository vaults. In other words, the insiders will receive their deliveries, Joe Investor (paper trader) will be told his physical SLV GLD are all lost.
Once chaos ensues and all ETF markets are shut you will see a price hyper shot of all physical silver and gold. See how this whole entire (market manipulation scheme) hinges on the Eurozone and how deeply important a Euro collapse is for the world in general. Western fractional reserve banking is finished. Look for manipulation end in 6 months.
SQ: What are you hearing on the Amero and what about the gold-backed Chinese Yuan? V's answer: The Amero is dead in the water and China will back their Yuan with gold.

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Email #7
http://stevequayle.com/News.alert/12_Money/120611.bank.update.html http://tiny.cc/hrnufw
Alert From International Banker-This Is Huge
June 11, 2012 Steve,
Steve tell your listeners to ignore ETFs and continue buying Physical SILVER and GOLD no matter what "spot price" is. Please tell them to take cash out NOW!!!! Only keep in bank what you can afford to lose and what you need to pay bills and expenses. Please tell them to get money out NOW!!! They have till December the latest to do so. Be mindful it CAN HAPPEN SOONER. Prices of Metals without manipulation $1000 SILVER $5000 GOLD---Steve Great show Im listening to you right now.
Here is the latest truth on Spain. The bailout already happened by stealth from very reliable sources. My sources are never wrong. The Bank holiday is going to spill over to Spain, Portugal and France. The Flight to safe harbor now is the UK. From there you will see flights to the US dollar. The main players have moved to Gold. Watch for another shock to SLV and GLD market. This will cause shaky uncommitted hands to dump more SLV and GLD physical. ETF markets will take massive hit.
Germany will start to have massive upheaval as their banks Duetche Bank in particular is over exposed to Spanish Flue, solvency crunch will hit Germany, look for Germans to go mad over the fact they can not have access to their funds.
Evolving..... Dollar only rises with IR Swaps and flight to "safe currency" once dirivative market bursts all of this goes parabolic high velocity crash. This is due to the fact that the dollar is exposed as WORTHLESS due to the overleveraged CDS exposure.Very little SILVER left to be mined. It is a precious and Strategic metal. SILVER will be less plentiful than GOLD.Steve Russian economy willl suffer greatly due to EuroCollapse. This is due to the dependency that the Russian economy has with Euro zone energy exports. (GAZPROM) Greek crisis has hurt Russian Natural Gas exports.
Russians are angry at Eurocrats due to their inability to fix the crisis. They are blaming the whole entire western banking system for the recent decline of the Ruble. Steve some of the investors that lost big in Iceland were the Russians and guess what? They are vested in Greece as well. Take to account this along side with recent NATO aggression does not work to help this particular situation.Steve remember Deutsche Bank is #2 only to PNB Paribas the French Banking Giant. The kicker here is that both of their derivative exposure combined is over $125 Trillion!!! You have to be solvent in order to be liquid. This is a solvency crisis. The average joe on the street is duped into thinking it's liquidity. There is no liquidity.Chinese will back Yuan with Gold. They are stealth dumping US Tbonds. Have not been in any major bond auctions for the last year or so. Will form new banking/ trade system with BRICS---Morgan Stanley is next Lehman bros due to Facebook and Euro exposure. Close all equity accounts and exit markets now. V

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Email #8
http://stevequayle.com/News.alert/12_Money/120612.jackal.days.summer.html http://tiny.cc/epnufw
The Jackal Days Of Summer
June 12, 2012
Quick question -SR- your banking source says to get out of the markets now. Would he group miners and gold shares (not ETF's) into the same category as other equities? Bob Chapman (who sadly just passed) has always maintained that miners are a different animal given that they have metal reserves both in and above ground. Just wondering if your contact agrees with that.
Great Question,
V's-- ANSWER --Mining stocks can be a great investment but one has to look at the pros and cons. I advise to stay clear of "Junior" mining companies. Most are either in Green or Brown exploration meaning they are either investing in new areas for potential ore or digging in areas that are already been explored. I do not like Junior companies as most are mismanaged and ill funded money pits. I can tell you this as I worked as a trader for Ameropa many years ago dealing in Cobalt and other strategic metals so I know quite a bit about mining. That being said even the Big ones are vulnerable as they are dependent on global economic growth. There are no major BIG company that only digs for Gold or Silver. They are looking for all different types of Metals/ minerals, strategic as well as industrial. It is the young and inexperienced Junior companies that go looking for the latest precious metal mine....AND LOSING BIG.
If I were to buy mining stocks I would place my money in the following companies:
• BHP Billiton (The Biggest)
• Rio Tinto
• Barrick
• Suncor
But the question is why do you want to waste your money on these companies as they too will be affected by the economic collapse/slowdown. Look this is not the time to waste your time investing in any company or diversifying your portfolio. You should have done this ten years ago. It is a time to continue to buy bullion no matter what the spot price is. Also if you do not know how to play the options market then I would stay clear all together. If you are savvy with options then I would short the stocks on the following companies that I just listed by taking out options contracts on all of them. This way you have the least amount of risk/ exposure and much to gain when the companies flop in the coming economic reset.
Again I will warn, if you are not a pro with the stock market with sizeable money to invest I would not bother wasting time with any mining company. Buy physical gold and silver and take possession now. The heat will not be the only thing that many will feel this summer it will be the global economy melting down. The Big Boys have already cashed out of the Euro and the dollar it is now high time for the Jackals to finish the dying body of the Western banking system off.
This summer you will see the Spanish flu run rampant through the PIIGS, In fact many of us on the inside are now jokingly calling it Swine flu. More bank failures are ahead and you will see the first German or French bank subsidiary failure this summer. This failure will be like a cancer amputated limb that will bring down the larger parent company and cause further panic in all markets. I am looking at you PNB Paribas and Deutsche Bank.

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As the Jackals put out their last minute moves to cause the final fool's rally this summe,r look for more flight to the dollar and another hit in the SLV and GLD funds. It's going to be a very hot summer in deed.

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Email #9
http://stevequayle.com/News.alert/12_Money/120614.Euro.collapse.html http://tiny.cc/zulwfw
Euro Has Collapsed!
June 14, 2012 Steve,
It is with trepidation that I write to you....The Euro has collapsed unofficially. The money is OUT of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, France, Belgium and the German Elites have begun to shore up their wealth in hard assets and precious metals. RBS has given orders to close two of their major equities sectors, thousands of jobs are going to be lost the next few days/weeks. Credit Sussie has called on top investors to head to Swiss safe harbor and hard asset diversified portfolios.
The Capital Controls are in place to keep the charade of control going for the next four to six months before the official collapse. Steve...this is it. The Euro has collapsed and no one has noticed it. Greek bank runs are close to $3.5 Billion Euros per day not the $1 Billion that is being reported. The rest of the PIIGS are in the same boat. Bank Holiday imminent in all of continental Europe in the coming days and weeks. This is again theatrics to keep the plebeians believing in some semblance of control.
Please warn your listeners to pull out of their bank accounts everything that they need. Keep only to pay the day to day expenses. If they have land to go to, please do so now. Steve I do not know how much longer I can keep writing to you. You were knocked off line during your show with the Haggmans right before your were going to divulge what I have told you with the Spanish bailout. It is getting dangerous for all of now.
Again the Euro has collapsed...I repeat the Euro has collapsed. Unofficially.
May God Help Us All....

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Email #10
http://stevequayle.com/News.alert/12_Money/120618.Greek.election.html http://tiny.cc/r6z3fw
V's Response To Greek Election Facade-Just Watch And See--The Euro Is Cest Fini
June 18, 2012
Steve also please tell them to reread my posts. I have said that there is the unofficial collapse, this is from real inside sources. The official collapse is still going to be in the fall winter season of 2012. The Euro has a no confidence vote from all the big money players. They are all cashed out. In a 21st century Fiat system the big players will always cash out and hedge bets for the continuing slide in assets and equities that we are currently seeing sans the ridiculous "magical" DOW that stays above 12K thanks to the PPT and insiders.
Steve the irrational will jump the gun and give you flack when they read what they want to read and not fully read what has been clearly laid out. Tell them to get the financial houses in order and watch the events unfold. They have to understand that they have been treated to very intimate high level information from the top international banking sources. I vow on all that is true that the Euro is done, it has unofficially collapsed in the eyes of the elites. The foregoing theatrics are for the masses to indulge. When you have all the major banks lose their credit ratings, when you have capital controls in place, when you have unemployment rates over 50%, when you have bank runs, bank holidays, continued anarchy, my friend you have a collapse.
Even though the Syriza party lost, Steve your listeners should understand that it simply means more time time for the mid level guys to put the finishing touches on the Greece carcass. Look for vote fraud in the coming days. The people in Greece see a Euro exit as the only option for which their country will survive. We are on schedule with everything that I have said and posted. The Euro is a collapsed currency with no value to it amongst the elites. Once the mid level players are done you will see the "OFFICIAL COLLAPSE" take place within four to six months. This is done.
Steve here is the REALITY for any doubters:
All the top firms including the ones that I have worked for have all advised our top clientele to pull out their liquid assets.
All the top firms and banks have already prepped and ready for Euto collapse two years ago.
Elites have pulled out of the Euro
The Fed has implemented safe guards to euro exposure. In other words no further help for Eurozone
Bank runs not just by people...but by multinational corporations pulling out billions per day.
PNB Paribas and Deutsche Bank in shareholder meetings have declared Greece a failed state and Euro dead
The Swiss have drawn up a plan for Euro collapse two years ago all capital controls in place now were planned then.
All major Euro banks credit downgrades including Dutch, UK next

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Like I said so many times, Greece is a symptom, it will spread, Spain will run hot with fever and burn a feverish death, This contagion is not just Greece. The spin masters are trying to get everyone focused on a silly election that means nothing when the real hard numbers tell the truth. This is not about one small nation in the south of Europe. This is about the whole entire Eurozone. I am giving your readers information that is six months ahead of the curb. Look for a market spike this week then followed by a shock and then a hit to the SLV and GLD ETF... Everything is moving on schedule nothing has changed. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare.

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This email is not from “V” but an employee at JP Morgan
http://stevequayle.com/News.alert/12_Money/120619.JP .Morgan.html http://tiny.cc/laq5fw
June 19, 2012
As for V: He is Right on!
Alert From JP Morgan Employee - V Is Right!
Thank God for your contacts Steve, and thank you for all the time you put in trying to warn us, it is appreciated very much. V obviously works for a major firm dealing with all the frills of the elite, I work for JPMorgan and will tell you my Bank is positioning itself to be the MAIN SERVICER of Mortgages and financial transactions when the crunch begins. I alerted Bob Chapman a while back about this plan, he concurred with me as well. Every person who holds a mortgage will make their payment to the Federal Reserve, not Fannie or Freddie or FHA/VA/Ginnie...none of them. They will have their mortgages EFT'd (electronically taken out) out of their account. People will not have the choice to send in their checks or walk into a branch to make their payment, it will be tied to their accounts and they will have their pay garnished if they break that EFT contract. The same with a car when getting a loan, but that's another beast for a different day. I wanted to piggy-back V's intel and share JP's positioning of being made God Father through this financial crisis. V is right!!!!!
Several months ago we had a District Manager in the Sacramento Valley visit branches to inspect Safety deposit boxes and brief the managers of an emergency order by the Bank to close branches in case of an emergency, all the doors would have to be shut and what employees would have to do when the banking holiday occurs, I found out through a Loan Officer who called me paranoid, she said she saw the memo, however I've been trying to get a copy of it but she has been unsuccessfull, none the less, those of us in the know don't need any memos, the Holy Spirit is our guide and He teaches us all things, amen!
Steve, my Wife , my Son and I are interceeding for you and your family, as well as the other Ministries you are asking for.
Thank you and God bless you, keep up the great work my Brother!

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Email #11
http://stevequayle.com/News.alert/12_Money/120621.financial.time.bombs.html http://tiny.cc/pck9fw
Financial Time Bombs
June 21, 2012
Steve, where do I begin? Lets start up with the Eurozone and take it from there. I was the first to mention to you that the Spanish Bailout had already happened before it was even announced that they were going to need more within the week. Well a week has passed and it said that both Italy and Spain need an almost $1 Trillion dollar bailout. The reason? Apart from both being insolvent, Italy has to borrow money at 7% to lend to Spain at 3% by edict of the Euro Technocrats via ECB. These morons have the economics understanding of a five year old. Now both countries are heading the way of Greece, which is total economic death as Greece is a failed state, with no government, a stolen election and thousands starving to death.
Steve as I said the Euro is unofficially collapsed with a major "OFFICIAL" collapse coming this fall or winter. I said many times to my cohorts , though the Eurozone has it's problems, it is the US that is the Supreme Emperor with No Clothes the Eurozone are just vassals. The problems facing the US are much, much worse. With very high unemployment, debt to the stratosphere and an economy in rigor mortis, the US is a patient on his death bed waiting for the elite power brokers to give it it's last rights and then devour the patient's body.
Couple of points that, I need to revisit for your readers and listeners are as follows:
1. Real Estate- The real estate, in the US, has in no way hit the bottom--yet. Not in the FEH (Financial Economics Hubs) like New York but I tell you that you will see a housing market crash the likes of which you have never seen or will ever see again. This will occur for the following reasons.
a) Inventory- The government backed mortgage programs (Fannie and Freddie), the left over sub-prime mess, and the foreclosures have left a massive $7 Trillion dollar inventory of over 20 million homes the exact number of which have no idea and some even estimate it to be over 30 million not counting shadow inventory. Anyway to put things in perspective consider this. Numbers like millions, billions and trillions are tossed around the media so much that Americans have no concept of such insanely large numbers I will put it to you this way. In Ireland they have an inventory of 290,000 homes. This would take the Irish Fourty Three years to fill. How long do you think it would take the US if we use the "official" number of 18 million empty homes? It would take over 300 years!!!!!
Knowing this, the power con men in the government and banking institutions have purposely tightened the spigot and bottlenecked the whole system preventing the market from adjusting and continuing the housing bubble for the not to distant future. They know if they opened that valve, it would dump a massive inventory of houses on the market crashing everything with it. A hit the US economy can't take. Why do you think "Robo Signing" was set up? In our Real Esate Banking divisions we purposely created Robo Signing, knowing full well that the muck that that would cause in terms of title holder and legal proceedings will keep the spigot tight until the Banksters got what they needed out of the market. Remember it's all about squeezing that one more dime out of the system one more percentage rate, one more profit margin and then when the very marrow is sucked from the bones the whole thing can then just turn to dust.

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2. Deposit of Creditors- You know there still are savers in America, though not as much as their counterparts in other western nations but thankfully there still are. The reality is Steve much of what Americans save wont last them more than a month at most in fact most American are two pay checks away from being homeless. Any way the vast amount of deposits in US banks allow them to play the fractional reserve game and thanks to the end of Glass Stiegel it allows them to take your hard earned money in your account and use it to make bets and play in the world investment markets. So long as you the American public dont demand your money at the same time (Bank Run) the banksters whittle it away like drunk sailors at a Rio bar. With the Fed continuing to print and buy US debt, this game is coming soon to a close. That is why I have warned, to only keep in your accounts what you can stand to lose and what you need to cover day to day expenses. How many of you have listened?
3. Sovereigns Debt - I have been screaming about this Frankenstein since 2007. I wrote an extensive report on the dangers of US bonds and TARP and how that would be the final nail in the coffin. We all know that there is a bubble in the US bond market. Heck we knew it for years. In my 2010 report I made it clear that the very thing that would bring down the US bond market would be the devaluation of currency (which is happening) followed by a currency war (which is happening) followed by a trade war (which has started) and then finally a rise in the precious metals market, particularly SILVER.
When the US finally loses it's World Reserve Currency status (which is happening) Expect the US crash to make the Eurozone to look like a Sunday School Picnic.
All the problems in the US can be centered around these three major issues and when these financial bombs explode the shockwave will be immense. Alas I fear the banksters have a war planned for us as well, how do I know? The numbers tell me so.

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Email #12
http://stevequayle.com/News.alert/12_Money/120622.hyperinflation.V.html http://tiny.cc/hgebgw
Hyperinflation, Deflation And Currency Wars SQ NOTE: Currency wars lead to shooting wars!
June 22, 2012
As I write this to you we are circling a deflationary drain that has put the squeeze into aggregate demand levels (total demand for goods and services) and driven down the aggregate asset prices (real estate) So in order to keep the USS Titanic of sinking any further the privately owned and unconstitutional Federal Reserve has turned on the magic printing press in the hopes of “stimulating” and propping up assets by Quantative Easing ( AKA “QE” which is a fancy way of saying printing money out of thin air.)
Helicopter Ben Bernanke (Look up why they call him “helicopter Ben” in order to appreciate the humor.) and the Reserve gum shoes are terrified of the US economic death spiral that has begun. Lack of liquidity, leading to lower consumption, leading to lower prices, leading to the whole economy grinding to a halt! So to prevent this the Fed has gone on a buying spree if you will, propping up one floundering asset after the next , buoying asset prices to prevent a deflationary dive, and injecting liquidity into the system to keep the magicians parlor tricks going. I would always say “when your only tool is a hammer, every problem becomes a nail.”
Think about it, over the last few months the Fed has bought over $2.3 Trillion of US treasuries, it has injected more and more “stimulus” but still we can not overcome this credit contraction. This is what happens when a nation demonizes it's labor force by outsourcing, swallows the Bovine Excrement of “Consumer Economy” and relegates its once manufacturing might as something that is old hat and primitive. In other words the Globalist and Multinational Banks and Corporations have sold us a bad bag of goods via our “elected” leaders.
This brings us to HYPERINFLATION.
Now the economically aloof will say that it is a far off prospect, a better chance that the polar ice caps will melt in a “global cooling event”. I mean what most people would say is that with wages being driven down the way that they are, asset prices more or less stable, and credit market shrinking, hyperinflation sounds like some far off pipe dream of sycophantic doomsayer survivalist. Inflation is unlikely let alone hyperinflation. After all what most would argue is that deflation is the more likely candidate to run The United States of Ruin as the alternative is pure ridiculous. I am not an economist, I am though an avid, and I must say an astute student of history; and what history has taught me in the over 5000 years of human economic activity is this: Hyperinflation and inflation are and can be mutually exclusive.
What do I mean by that? Well in both cases of inflation and hyperinflation the currency losses it's buying power. I'll put it to you this way; inflation is when an economy overheats, it's a demand driven phenomena in which a nations consumables (goods& services) are in great demand due to overabundance of credit that it drives the cost of the consumables to skyrocket causing goods and services producers to raise prices in order to keep up.
Hyperinflation is not like that. It is the total and complete loss of faith and buying power of a currency. Prices rise not because someone wants to be paid more for goods or services that they provide, or more money for their labor or commodity,prices rise because they want to get out of the currency, they do not want it any longer, they want less of it and are willing to pay a healthy some for any hedge against it.

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Lets face the facts here. This government's debt is 100% of GDP and the bloodletting has no end in sight. With a yearly fiscal budget shortfall of about 10% the Fed is purchasing TREASURIES in order to cover the shortfall on the government balance sheet. Thus they are fulfilling two objectives; one, help the government maintain aggregate supply levels (price of goods and services) and two, support asset prices in order to prevent any further deflationary erosion ( Like Realestate). So in the Feds calculations if you stabilize aggregate supply levels and prevent erosion of assets values you in turn would create an economic recovery, right?! WRONG!!!
Now follow closely to what I am about to say. We have never recovered from the September 2008 crash. All this talk about a “double dip” is a moot point as we never clawed our way from the first dip. The economy is as it has been for the last two years; heading down, no matter what all the talking heads on radio and TV say. For you see in trying to perform the same techniques which were applied with the crash of 1929 and 1933; the Fed has exhausted its cache of stimulus tools. They have done nothing and they have nothing left. After pumping trillions into stimulus plans, and trillions to improve balance sheets of the “Too Big to Fail” banks they have accomplished one thing; they have UNDERMINED TREASURIES!!!
Treasuries are the very threads that is holding this economy together and now these policies have metamorphosed them into the NEW AND IMPROVED TOXIC ASSET!!! Every world economy knows that they are overvalued, they know that their yields are mediocre and still no one in the main stream talking head shows ever rails against or even exposes them. The whole world cart blanche walks on eggshells around treasuries as if it were a Financial Nuke with a trip wire trigger and a timer. A bomb if you will....which IT IS.
History shows us a pattern when and how this financial Hiroshima goes off. It begins like this: There will be a slight and sudden rise in a price of a necessary commodity like Oil
This will send tremors through the treasury yields, Treasury Mangers will sell off their allocations and go into the commodity (e.g. Oil) in order to grab a profit. I guarantee that they will sell treasuries as it's the primary asset that many of them can sell.
This will trigger the Fed to step in and buy the dumped Treasuries as they are trying to stave off deflation by keeping low yields and cheaply funded. (Quantative Easing) The Fed knows that the Bond Market senses a “Treasury Bubble” and once again they turn on the printing press to buy every treasury in sight to calm the markets and create asset price stability
The Zombie “Too Big to Fail” Banksters smell blood in the water and begin to dump their obscene amount of treasury notes. You see these living dead institutions were never nationalized but got the best parts of nationalization; total liquidity (stimulus money) and easing of accounting and regulatory rules. The flip side was the Fed required that they purchase US treasuries. You see buying up of the treasuries allowed their balance sheets to look well funded and monetized, all the while hiding the toxic assets that were being siphoned off their books by the Fed since 2008.
The Panic sets in...Asset managers are not stupid they know the US is in much worse shape than Greece. They know that there is a “Treasury Bubble”. So when these mangers see the mass buying of treasuries by the Fed, and the mass dumping by the Zombie Banks, it will be their signal to get out of Dodge!!!
The Zombie To Big To Fails and Asset Managers that have dumped their toxic treasuries will look for a place to park their new found cash. Now where might you think they can put all that new cash into? COMMODITIES. Commodities of all types will shoot to the moon. From precious and industrial metals, Oil, food staples will all skyrocket in price, catching the American public with their pants down. Commodities will be the only safe haven to go to and this is when the American public will get it's first taste of hyperinflation and it will taste like gasoline when the price of oil surges passed $150 a barrel in one week equating to $10 a gallon gas!!!

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Commodities SOARS and DOLLAR COLLAPSE ensues. The sell off of assets in purchase of commodities will be ballistic. People will unload homes, cars, personal belongings all once thought important for real assets like Gold, Silver, Food, Weapons, and Oil. In hyperinflation your $400,000 house will be worth $60,000 or 70 pieces of silver, for your house will not be able to help you buy things you need, while a commodity like gold and silver can.
Most of all the government can't stop it. II. Currency Wars
Another front is brewing in this mass pandemonium that is hurling toward us in thunderous fashion. That is the currency war that is beginning to heat up. You see during the 90's America went through it's dot com boom primarily off the money that it borrowed from the Chinese and other foreign investors. So when the dot coms became the dot bombs, and when that bubble Burst the banksters at wall street and the financial mafia running the Fed needed fresh meat. After all the Chinese will be not so willing to throw their money into another tech stock venture with the US. at that time Alan Greenspan cut interest rates down to an unheard of 1% and eased bank lending. Thus in turn creating the housing bubble that was one sub-prime needle away from being popped. Now while all this was transpiring many political hacks and think tanks in the"District of Criminals" were beginning to complain that the Chinese were not allowing their currency the Yuan to float,that the Chicoms were artificially keeping it's value low. In turn creating a very large trade surplus for them, and a large trade deficit for us.
If you have been following the news lately, you would have been hearing the vast levels of complaining within the Anglo-American financial houses, the vast monetary disparity with the Chinese Yuan and even the
Euro. In fact it is my opinion that this summers Euro collapse was a orchestrated act of financial warfare perpetrated by the British and American banking interests. That I will leave for another time. It is comedic that many in positions of power feel that it is the Chinese that is to blame for the economic dearth that we are facing. Now the madmen are sensing that the Wall street Casino may be closing, and in a last ditch play to make profits, and grab power.The overlords at the Fed and the Banksters on Wallstreet are in a race to the bottom. Devaluing the dollar as some sick way of kick starting the make believe economy. Hoping that a devalued dollar will make us more competitive in trade.
One thing that I will tell you is that in a currency war no one Is a winner. Von Mises the famous Austrian economist that invented the Austrian school of economics said it best when he said that the way to destroy your middle class is to devalue your currency.
Back prior to 1913 and the creation of the creature that we now know as the Federal Reserve, a country's currency was essentially it's stock. A nation that produced, and sold it's good and wares had a very strong currency affording it's citizens a very good quality of life. Gold was the anchor that tied the majority of nations currencies back then, preventing the creation of economic bubbles, guaranteeing the stability of sound economic policies and power of wealth in the hands if the citizen.
Today money printed out of thin air and backed up by nothing is the order of the day. As we traverse into the current state of affairs, history has once again proven that fiat (by edict) currencies and central banks are failures. By engaging the Chinese, Japanese and Europeans in a currency war, a race to the bottom will do nothing but destroy us and what is left of our middle class. By trying to hit cheap Chinese goods with a tariff will incense the Chinese even more. This is not something that you want to do, especially since they are still the largest holders of your debt.

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Email #13
http://stevequayle.com/News.alert/12_Money/120627.financial.false.flag.html http://tiny.cc/erpkgw
Financial False Flag: Beware Heads Up – Emergency Update
June 27, 2012
Right now banking systems the world over are going into meltdown due to this global syphoning hack that is occuring in over 60 banks worldwide with untold losses in the billions of dollars and counting.
What I want all of you to know is this. It is DAMN impossible for any one hacking group or individual to pull this off. The sheer speed and scope of the operation as well as the precision through which it is being carried out leads me to believe an advanced source is at play.
Look you can not simply hack this many accounts in this many banks simultaneously without leaving any tracks and yet there are no tracks left behind just a bunch of dead end false leads that lead no where.
My sources have told me that the algorithm used in this operation is very very advanced and "they have never seen anything like this." This leads me to one conclusion. A false flag, an inside job designed as a pretext to a broader event. I have been warning about a financial collapse for some time, I have also warned of an impending bank holiday as well as the market indicators pointing to World War Three. I strongly believe this event would be used in any one of these ways.
All of our banking software has back doors built into them for the anonymous power brokers/masters to use as they deem fit. This is an inside job that is done by an International Banking/ Intelligence Agency conglomerate. Only they would have the accessibility, the infrastructure and means to pull this off.
I fear this is a huge prelude to a massive event. I have told many of you through this web site to get your money out...What are you waiting for?
Prepare, V.

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Email #14
http://stevequayle.com/News.alert/12_Money/120628.bank.hacking.html http://tiny.cc/7qimgw
What's Really Going On In The Multi-Billion Dollar Bank Hacking World
June 28, 2012
Steve, I am appalled that they (the media) truley are downplaying this mass hack. I spoke to my guy again this morning @ 7am NY time and he feels the number of banks affected could be over 200 but is confident that for sure 100 banks got hit. Another thing that the media is doing right now is damage control saying that the hacks took a year. to do. This is nonsense as the hacks are recent and the money missing from the large accounts would be noticed a lot sooner than a year.
He also stated that the program is NOT Spyeye or Zeus. He stated those they can stop with no problem as they do not have the source code and structure to hit that many servers at that short amount of time. WIll keep you posted on the latest.

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Email #15
http://stevequayle.com/News.alert/12_Money/120607.collapse.underway.html http://tiny.cc/9zd1gw
Financial Webs Of Deceit. The Worlds Financial Market Is Undergoing Total Collapse
July 6, 2012
It has begun the unofficial collapse of the Euro that I have announced back in late June has started to run into the massive canyon like fissures of the financial world. As web site after web site and expert after expert talk endlessly about the failing frame work of the whole western financial system; they over look one main point. That point is this; when a patient is brain dead, you may debate that there is still blood coursing through their veins, that their heart still beats, that there is still a modicum of respiration still occurring. The fact remains though the vestigial systems of the organism works, it's main source of control that dictates every one of its voluntary mechanical operation IS DEAD. So it is with Western Banking. There are still "signs" of life, the ATMs work (for most anyway) online transactions are for the most part operational (again for most) but the arguments of liquidity and solvency rage because of the simple lack of omission that the very needed rudiments of the financial system, it's modus operandi, it' s organized brain of safeguards and cognition has ceased functioning.
The Unofficial Euro collapse has hastened the hemorrahging of various sectors around the financial world. Lets start with a few shall we.
Derivatives- I have documented that the real loss of JPM's previous London trade debacle is not the purported intial $2billion or the now admitted $9 billion but $150 billion total loss. This coming from a Zombie Bank that recieves 77% of its profits from the government trough. The IR Swaps that are played in this field is astronomical and is accounting for more than 85% of all derivative trades. So what does this mean? I stated many times, when people have asked me, "what is THE SIGN of a financial collapse?" I have always said that it will begin in the derivative market first. After all we have an unsustainable world wide derivative debt that is in the Quadrillions. $1.4 Quadrillion by most estimates. What does this mean and how will it play out?
Hacking- The supposed "hacking" that is occurring in over 60 banks at the same time is nothing more than those with the funds moving their assets out. It is a smoke screen, a diversion, a silent stealth bank run by the elites. Why all of a sudden there is total media black out? The funds that have been taken have crossed in to the billions of dollars. The total stealth bank runs are closer to 200 banks.
LIBOR- All over the news you hear the mother of all scandals, the fact that all the major multinational banks have been rigging the interest rate system and keeping it artificially low. Which robs you of your dividends and annihilates your savings but profiteers the banksters in their risky gamble with your money. They profit and you are left holding the bag. The banks involved in this LIBOR mess total 200 about the same that just so happen to be the same banks that are all of a sudden being "hacked" and are having "glitches". This LIBOR scandal puts into risk an $800 trillion market made up of savings, investments, mortgages, loans and retirement accounts. Taking a sledgehammer to the confidence of the whole entire global market and western backed banking system. I laugh at these pundits who talk about the LIBOR. You see my friends there is no oversight over LIBOR,it's just a bunch of crooks deciding what they will charge for lending amongst themselves and how they can profit off of you. LIBOR was invented to be MANIPULATED the very design of this screams so. You have to wonder why now all of a sudden LIBOR is an issue? Read on.

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So what does it all mean? Simple really my friends. The whole entire western banking system is being flushed out, the whole house is being purposely burned to the ground in order to make way for the new. If you are still in paper you are a madman or woman. Pull your money out now while you still have time. I will make it as clear for you as possible, your wealth, your way of life and your posterity's future is being PURGED, FLUSHED, BURNED OUT. The order of things are about to change officially. Watch the dollar, get out of paper, get into metals. You have been warned....Again.

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Email #16
http://stevequayle.com/News.alert/12_Money/120610.LIBOR.bomb.html http://tiny.cc/arp8gw
July 10, 2012
The recent theatrics in the media about the LIBOR forgets to underscore the BIG picture. It is not the "BIG BANKS" or the Central Banks that is the problem. It is the cabal of financiers and the system that they have propagated for hundreds of years in the Western World and almost hundred years here in the US , that is the main parasitic cancerous growth. It is this growth that has been brooding in the veins of the financial system. Year after year, decade after decade, regulation after regulation, until one day the growth of this creature goes parabolic bringing sudden death to it's host. I think many of you have no idea about how much your lives are about to change, in a drastic way for the worst. What they have planned for you, you will wish to die. There is no making peace with the system, for this system makes no peace and it yields no quarter, no room for surrender. It's actions will be swift and the more you lay off putting things in order in your life the more you pay for your procrastination and normalcy bias with a fine so weighty you will wish you were dead. The LIBOR plays out like this and I will not repeat myself on what I have already said about it. Another crack/fissure in the derivatives market. I can not stress enough to tell you how close to breaking this market is. For those who do not understand the critical nature of this market and it's inevitable downfall, I can tell you this. It will be world ending in scope. I mean what I said. The Hacks that are occurring in over 200 banks and their servers around the world is the Global Stealth Cyber Bank Run (GSCBR). It is the elites way of finishing off your wealth. The last touches before the carcass is burned to a hearth. The Bond market is finished, We all knew that there is a bubble in the bond market, This is the coup de grace that will not pop the bubble, but make it explode with the force of a thousand suns. America will be broke and barren in a blink of an eye! These are two events that I have been warning about are ones that will end your life on this planet as you know it. Your cash will be worthless, your country at a standstill, No money, No food, no essential services, AND WHEN IT ALL STOPS..... YOU STOP.

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Email #17
http://stevequayle.com/News.alert/12_Money/120612.the.hit.html http://tiny.cc/zzfchw
Here Comes The Hit
July 12, 2012
What do you think was the main purpose behind the aptly named MF Global? What do you think is the connection to PFG Best? Why is JPM connected to both commodity houses? Simple....this is how you start the metals beat down that I have been screaming about for the past two years. It struck me this afternoon and after doing some digging and making a few calls, the answer stood right in front of me.
When MF Global went bust over $2 billion in customer funds magically vanished. What happened next? Gold and Silver took a hit. Now PFG Best magically loses $250 million, what happened next? The Gold market took 1.3% dive.
The kicker is this...both failed firms both have money sitting in whose account? Why JP Morgan of course and who are they the clearing bank for? Why the good ol boys at the Federal Reserve. Now what does the Fed and JPM have in common? Well among many things, the abject manipulation in the Gold and Silver market. So what does this mean?
The PFG Best failure and more shell brokerage failure ( as they are all doing the dirty work of JPM) are causing all the weak hands to dump Gold, Silver and other commodities. The result: A hit to Gold that I am going to say may drop the price from my previous claims down to $1200 - $1400 range. In other words, for those sitting on the fence...BUY BUY BUY!!!! This is the time to do it.
This seems to be part of the last moves of survival that banks like JPM and Central Banks are doing on top of all the Hacks and IR Swaps and LIBOR manipulation. The full on assault on the metals market is on and it is time to buy.
You have to see the clear picture that is coming into focus. IR Swaps, LIBOR manipulation, Suspicious Commodity Firm Failures are all part of the concerted effort to keep precious metal prices low. I was right again and you all heard it here on this site first. Here it comes the best buying opportunity you will ever get.

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Email #18
http://stevequayle.com/News.alert/12_Money/120719.own.metals.V.html http://tiny.cc/33ophw
State of Play: The importance of Owning Physical Gold and Silver
July 19, 2012
The global economic situation has been devolving at a faster pace than that which I can even keep up with. I have tried within these last reports/alerts to give "YOU" an in depth view into not only the inner workings of the highest echelons of decision making, but also the warnings of an impending collapse that will take those that are ill prepared and ill advised by surprise,leaving them "INCAPACITATED" and Destitute.
I will try here to outlay the clearest message that I can convey to you in the simplest terms and that is this: BUY PHYSICAL GOLD AND SILVER AND SELL IT NOT. The reasons are as follows:
1- The FED. Folks I don't know how else to put it. The Fed is not audited and is not accountable to anyone. My source at the NY Fed has confided in me and has let me know what I and many have suspected all along and that is this; the Fed continues to operate stimulus and bailouts by stealth and by "other names" ALL of these bailouts go to multinational banks, sovereigns and the Wall Street Firms. This continues to erode the value of the dollar and is one of the dominoes that will trigger the hyperinflationary depression that we are headed to. I will again emphasize the value of Gold and Silver as a store of wealth as you should be finding the means to purchase them.
2. Euro- The Euro as of June 20th 2012 has been declared by the banking elites as a dead currency and they have exited it in earnest. What is left is a cluster mess of all the bad debts and broken economies that pay homage to a citadel of bad ideas. Since the unofficial collapse of the Euro back in June. For the first time since it's membership, German bonds are attracting a negative yield. Spain is a failed state and Greece is in a pandemic depression on the scale that would make Argentina blush. In other words nothing has changed. The Euro is dead and what is continuing is theater for the masses so the architects of this financial massacre can safely exit with their profits intact. All the while the elites are moving into Gold and there as it is here, the precious metal prices are being artificially kept low keeping the weak trader/investor holding his Physical or ETF with extremely loose grip. How do you think the fire sale of Greek and Spanish Hard assets and infrastructure is purchased? With Euros?! Of course not, these transactions are being paid in GOLD!!!
3- BRICS- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are forming continuing trade and economic ties without the dollar as a means of exchange. They are setting up their own currency swaps and LOCs. This system that they have set up will work even better when it is anchored by an accurate measure and that accurate measure is GOLD. The BRICS nations are the biggest buyers of that yellow metal, why do you think that is? Why do you think that India is devaluing their currency by design, raising import taxes on Gold and telling people to buy scrap metal instead? Simple, they have to cool down their economy as it was running too hot, this momentary currency devaluation will help them in the long run. They know this, they also know that Gold is running out, so is Silver, thus they are trying to get their population to buy base metals even scrap. China is having the some of the same problems. An overheated economy and a massive housing bubble, what is the fix? Simple, value the RENMINBI in Gold which spells lights out for the US. So to recap, the BRICS are buying gold at feverish pitch that should speak volumes to you, to do the same.

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4- Supply- The amount of Gol

Aug 15, 2012

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