Below is a correspondence between myself and the person who sublets our
apartment in New York. She works for a UN office out of Tokyo and she and
her office is not getting paid as of June 29, 2013.
It could mean that the bond market in Tokyo is in the process of imploding
over the 4th of July weekend. Keep some tangibles and cash on hand.
Just in case. LANDLORD

I have a problem -

I have just been told today from the Heads of my organization that there is
indefinite delay in pay. No one at work have been paid yet in the office,
we should have been paid last wednesday and I am trying to understand what
happened as the Tokyo office issues payroll. I'm waiting to understand what
is going on with that the next Monday and let you know. I'll pay as soon as
they sort this out. I'm so sorry and embarrassed to tell you that due to
this I will have to delay July rent payment until I receive my paycheck. I
am really sorry for any problem but unfortunately I have no control of the
situation and not enough to pay until I receive my June monthly pay. I
should hear from Tokyo office early next week to know when I receive pay
and then pay the rent.

Sorry again. I will update.TENNANT

Jul 2, 2013

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