Upon reading all the recent posts regarding crows, I thought i'd write as well. It was something I noticed several months ago, and especially at the beginning of spring, here. This struck me as extremely odd, being that we don't usually notice an influx of crows here until autumn, after the harvest..they pick through the fields. We are in SW Ohio and they are all over the place now- including neighborhoods. My husband has also noticed a great amount of vultures along the sides of the roads, as he is driving all day for work- very odd. We usually only see them here and there, near road kills, etc.. or soaring off in the distance somewhere. It's not normal at all for us to see them just milling about, around the edges of the roads, when there's no kills for them, etc...
Seeing the others' posting about the same thing has really made me realize this is no coincidence. This definitely seems spiritual manifesting itself in the physical. Pray for your homes...your families...your neighbors...your towns. The harbingers are landing.


Jul 4, 2013

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