I commend you on your 'Scripture of the Day' It is quite fitting.


I commend you on your "Scripture of the Day". It is quite fitting.

I am not terribly surprised at the increase we are seeing in the number of crows, vultures, and such carrion-eaters. (For example, I’ve heard reports of more and bolder coyotes here in Idaho.) Such phenomena can be expected, considering “the lateness of the hour.”

Throughout history, and seemingly around the world, there have been writings (journals, reports, letters) which included observations of the gathering of such animals in the vicinity of warring groups before the beginning of battle, and even before the combatants were aware of the presence of their enemy.

America has put herself under God’s judgment. Having read the Book through, this is inevitable … as is the destruction to come. Not all of the destruction will be the result of enemy actions (be they foreign or domestic). No amount of Weather Warfare can ever match the power of God Almighty, when He chooses to act — and He has chosen to act, for even we who proclaim Him to be our Lord have failed to respond to His call to repentance.

Blessings in the Name of Jesus,JK

Jul 5, 2013

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