'Rabies Resurfaces in Taiwan for 1st Time in 50 yrs'- IS HOLLYWOOD GIVING US A HEADS UP?

Dear Doug, Steve, Joe, et al,

For your consideration, here's one of today's headlines:

"Rabies Resurfaces in Taiwan for 1st Time in 50 yrs"
(China Post, Taiwan, July 17, 2013)

Well, in the film World War Z, the dialogue in the opening sequences directly addresses an "outbreak of rabies in Taiwan" as one of the possible points of origin for the mutant zombie virus.

Accident? No. In Hollywood, ESPECIALLY in these darkening days, there are absolutely no accidents.

Remember how V and others described the early-morning Kabbalah sessions of Illuminist traders? As you well know, it is all the same in Hollywood and then some. They are following their own perverted version of the Prophetic Script.

What does this mean? It could only be one of two possibilities:

1. This convergence is just one of the elites' typical wink-nudge signals.
2. The coming possible "zombie virus" might actually be (at least in part) a re-engineered rabies variant. A.

Jul 17, 2013

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