Hi Steve,

I wondered if you've ever heard of an individual by the name of Charles Hall. He was a weather observer stationed out at Indian Springs AFB, in the 60's if I recall correctly. According to his story, his duties placed him into contact with a race of beings he calls the "Tall Whites". He was a test human of sorts, placed out there on the ranges to see if humans could get accustomed to interacting with these beings. According to hall, these "aliens" are very controlling, and have been responsible for the deaths of many servicemen. They even threatened to kill him even though he was nice to them, and on at least one occasion did strike him down "by accident". If you haven't heard of this I strongly recommend you research it. I would also highly recommend that the Hagmanns have Charles Hall on as a guest on their program.

In closing, the brief description that this individual gives regarding this 'spook' syncs right up with the appearance and manner of the Tall Whites as described by Charles Hall.

God bless you and protect you always,M. THIS LINK!!!

Jul 20, 2013

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