I want to thank you for everything you do for The Lord and we your brothers and sisters in Christ. A couple of weeks ago you were talking about the evil all around us and that we should anoint the four corners of our property with oil. It had been a few months since i had done that so the next morning I did just that while praying. I also covered every door inside and out and all the windows of our home. Yesterday as I was loading my three children in the car along with my mother, sister in law, and a friend and her daughter a young girl approached our drive way and began to question my mother. I was putting dresses in the back of the truck for a dress fitting we were all going to and when I turned around I was shocked to find myself living what I have read so many times on your alert section. I had thought like others it would never happen in my rather small town here in Texas. I immediately made sure to get my kids in the car and although I had talked with my mother and read these stories to her this young girl had her answering her questions by the time I turned back around. I let the girl know I was not interested and she continued so I told her I had already purchased my extra learning materials for this upcoming school year. She said "darn just a little to late" as she put the children's book back in her bag and grabbed her clip board. She then asked if there were any other children on our block my son started to answer and with one look from me stopped and immediately knew this girl was not ok to talk to. I don't tell my children everything by any means but I have been telling them about people asking questions and us not having to answer just because someone asks us. I have also developed cues and signals and if they see me make one to stop and i will handle what ever "IT" maybe and I will explain later when we are alone at home. I turned around and yelled no as my mother began to answer this young girl and as my mother made eye contact with me she remembered what I had shared with her. I then shut the door and exclaimed that we were going to be late and need to go right now. The girl continued to try to question my mother and asked about a house at the end of the street with a swing out front. By this time my mom had caught on and when she answered the girl her tone had changed and she told her the couple that lives there is older and there are no children living there which is the truth. The girl finally understood we weren't chatting anymore as I walked my mother to her door. She said thank you and went on to the next house.

After I had calmed down which took a while I began to play back what had happen. Later that night as I was praying over my children and family the The Lord brought the sene of that afternoon into clear focus. The girl approached us but never stepped in our drive way. She never set a foot on our property. She never stepped out of the street onto our drive way. And when I had been praying and anointing then edges of our property I had started at our curb not the side walk. I felt the comfort of Jesus as he showed me the danger never crossed that line. That danger may try to approch but He would always be bigger! I thank God that He is always by our sides and that He caused me to aware that day. Thank you for all that you do Steve. I am praying for you and Doug and Joe and so many others. God Bless You! N.

Jul 21, 2013

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