Steve look at about a pending ongoing disaster in Lousaiana

Seemy letter I drafted and sent to the Governor of that state and cc NASA

August 15, 2012 | 10:08 PM

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NEW DISASTER BAYOU CORNE may have started when BP hit the underground methane cap NEW DISASTER Aug 16 2012 Letter to NASA / GOV LOUISIANA.

People in Bayou Corne smelled gas and oil now since about 2011 . Now salt domes are collapsing

This may Concern help from NASA Astronauts and Space satellite Systems.
The Governor of Louisiana asked his sub director about a worse case disaster of the Bayou Corne salt dome Collapse.

Here is my letter and in it you will see that NASA needs to get involved in this disaster emergency that is starting up. I put *** at your area of expertise.

1. I personally Feel fracking has damaged part of the underground American Plate eating it up so gas companies can get gas and oil. There could be underground melting of rock when there was the frack oil and gas injection. Something engineers need to look at.

2.Now there are massive bubbles starting up that could be all along the Mississippi delta from The great lakes to off shore into the Gulf where BP cracked a salt Dome and started a avalanche of destruction.

These underground Caverns and Salt Domes run all along into deep Texas.In fact people’s homes have cracks in the foundations for hundreds of miles and it is being blamed on dryness in the ground when in fact the whole American Plate is shifting from California to new York.


3. On one of the USGS forums a man claimed to know what was causing the booms and then went into great detail on what to look for.What he said stuck with me and from that point on He claimed that the booms were the result of Super Fracking that had exposed a large underground cavern that sat against an exposed section of a subsection of the Madrid fault.

That when this happened they knew they’d messed up big time. From then on the US Gov has been undergoing a 24/7 operation of keeping the cavern pressurized with fluid, to prevent the methane from traveling through the fault and destabilizing it.He claimed that, if methane bubbles started appearing in the gulf, it would be a sign that the US efforts had failed and that the methane was now free flowing.

He said if we started to see methane bubbles and sinkholes around the gulf coast, it would signal a window of weeks before a cascade failure occurs.
NOW in just the past couple of years MASSIVE EARTHQUAKES registering 6 and higher on the Richter Scale has shifted the planet and slowed it down and the pressure may have pushed the American plate and is now squeezing it. IN FACT The Christmas earthquake in the pacific in Indonesia that killed 250,000 to the latest one over in Japan last year and the one a day back 7.7 off the coast of Russia may be causing the American plate to move and release and shift under our feet.

In fact booms at night and during the day time have been heard all over America. WE NEED TO BE sending out scientists and others to check the plate under the new Madrid fault to where BP Cracked the Salt Dome in dangerous rock under the Gulf.

********* NASA NEEDS to do x rays from Space and take detailed pictures then we can see what and how bad,the problem is and of the Under ground methane PLATE that is bubbling , then we can try to freeze it with liquid Nitrogen and try to stabilize the weak areas along the fault lines and salt dome areas. NASA ALSO needs pictures and X-rays from the Gulf Of Mexico to the Great lakes. There could be the possibility of many more collapses of salt domes & methane and natural gasses bubbling up and along the Mississippi valley TO the low areas that were devastated & damaged back in the 1800′s when the New Madrid fault Let Loose and earthquakes devastated the land.

We have known all along that BP drilled in a area where no oil company dared to due to unsafe slate rock that was weak to begin with and every oil company refused to drill due to the dangers they faced in the GULF. There was a drilling map of the Gulf Of Mexico that all ships and drillers use that locates offshore oil rigs and platforms when navigating in the Gulf of Mexico Oil Companies have maps showing danger no drill areas, and BP decided to gamble with the earth and the people of the world due to Greed.In FACT people were called little people by this INSANE CROOK,who took it upon himself to KILL EVERYONE on the PLANET.Then used the chemicals to hide the oil which also killed people and fish life and animals in fact the State of Texas has banned fishing on the northern Gulf.

NOW As to the explosive force of the Liquid Butane well that sits less than 1,000 feet from the collapsing well in bayou Corne a massive fire and explosion is very possible.

A fire could develop on a crack of it’s dome this would burn for years and could be a 1,000 foot or more in diameter.

In fact some years ago in Brenham Texas 68 miles from me a small liquid gas well blew and cracked windows and shook my house miles . If the Dome Cracks and explodes and starts to burn and this well is under pressure, there could be damage instantly for 10 miles or more and homes blown up including many and people lose their lives. Within a mile from the Salt Dome Collapse are various oil and gas wells that will be taken out too adding to the disaster.

These other wells need to be capped and cemented shut without delay ,this could be a biblical disaster that was started some years ago and people reported it and no one did anything to investigate.

Fire,Police,Engineers from the oil patch truck companies and everyone connected in Government to the President need to look at this situation that is developing and get off their duffs and start a massive investigation and respond and clean up this ongoing disaster.

If there is in fact methane plates underground like in the Gulf if it opens or melts the Mississippi river could be 100 miles across.The Methane plate is located under rock and is a mountain ridge of frozen gas.


Retired fire captain and
Fire Protection Specialists.

Aug 16, 2012

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