Virginia Alert #1:

Key points of article (especially reading prophetically between the lines); I've underlined/bolded key phrases

"JOINT BASE LANGLEY-EUSTIS, Va. – The shrill blast of a train whistle tears across Joint Base Langley-Eustis as a massive red locomotive with the words “United States Army” on it moves across an intersection." (My comment: Massive Red Locomotive is significant in light of Nathan Leal's dreams regarding locomotives, especially red (war) locomotives).

"To this day, moving freight by rail is the best way to move tonnage. You can move 1 ton of cargo 486 miles on a train using one gallon of fuel. It’s the second most fuel efficient way to move cargo next to ships.” (My comment: Trains are effective and efficient in moving military personnel and equipment over land)

"The bright red engines are known as Dual Purpose Road Switcher engines"(My comment: Bright Red (war) Engines known as Dual Purpose Switcher Engines Dual Purpose Switcher Engines is significant further down in the article in that they are "switching" the rail program from military to civilian purposes. Sure they are... more like from military to Russian purposes, especially with their destinations being coast ports.

"Currently, 39 US installations have railway service with 50-100 military locomotives being operated on them at a given time. The base’s training rail loops and junctions link to civilian interchanges so Soldiers can move rail cars onto civilian lines.(My comment: One can reasonably substitute 'Russian lines' for 'civilian lines'."

"During the Seaport Operations exercise, the railroad soldiers will work alongside several other units to move the required cargo from Joint Base Langley-Eustis to the port areas on the water and will also assist with the unloading operations."

This may, however, be one of the last times Army personnel lead the way operating Army train engines during military exercises. The Department of Defense plans to retire the longstanding MOS and turn train operations completely over to civilians."

A career army man says, "This is really a travesty to think that this is going away from the Army.” (My comment: More than a travesty. It's likely a surrender of Army train transportation to a powerful enemy)

BTW, my honorable deceased father-in-law (WWII vet) and close friend was a long-term Colonel and Commander in this specific Ft. Eustis transportation-focused Army base. (Ft. Eustis) Perhaps that is why the Lord is giving me some insight on this base's "closing" or abdication of its historical railway mission and role.

Virginia Alert #2: The VDF (The Virginia Defense Force), America's first constitutional militia (since 1776) under the Commonwealth Governor's authority, was dis-banded two weekends ago (with dignified and somewhat sorrowful ceremony) and is currently in "disarray" (per interim Regional Commander's words to me) and is being reconstituted as "Rapid Response" Units across the Virginia Commonwealth. (Confidential: I am a "recruit" in the VDF)

Thank you for your equipping work for the saints,

Aug 6, 2013

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