Hi Steve,
I just wanted to give you a update of what I've personal witness in the
last 24hrs in my county.
yesterday i was working with one of my employee's at the back of Nacimiento
Lake and we both looked up at the vultures flying around, (WE BOTH READ
YOUR ALERTS), and they were landing in a dead 150ft+ pine tree 10ft away
was an alive and heathly Pine same size no vultures landing in it. As we
were standing there we both knew what we were looking at and he told me a
story about him and his wife recently at the beach and had a huge flock of
crows land right in front of them at the waters edge like Sea Gulls do,
never before has him or his wife seen that. Also been Black hawk's flying
over daily.( we are 15 minutes from biggest National Guard base in
California for training.
This morning while eating breakfast with four of my co-workers, we
witness about a dozen U.S. Navy soldiers pull up in several large
Government vans get out and get food and beverage from the truck stop just
50ft from restaurant we were at. While watching them i noticed they had
Beretta side arms on there leg holsters, i pointed that out too my co
workers who only three of them our awake like I am. It really started to
get weird when i saw them exchanging there magazines and firearms with each
other, It just seemed out of place, I'm prior military myself and never
witness soldiers carrying live sidearms in our area before this.
Went home after work today to sit down on the front porch and enjoy some
conversation with my wife middle way thru we had a huge flock of crows fly
Last but not least just had two A-10 Warthog's fly over about 45 minutes
ago shook the house like it was a earthquake coming, I have never seen that

God Bless Steve

Aug 6, 2013

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