I pray everyday, ( for the last 25 + years, ) and lately I've been praying God would reveal to me the "when where how" the proverbial "IT" will hit the fan, as well as where the safest places to be are. Well ... He showed me the HOW, and is it a doozey !!! You see, I was trying and trying to figure out how DHS was going to fit well over 300 million Americans into X number of FEMA camps. It's impossible. Well, they're not. It's just we patriots that'll be rounded up. IF WE'RE DUMB ENOUGH TO ALLOW IT. THEY ... are going to do some sort of false flag SOON in EVERY CITY. Then, just like in Boston they'll cordon off EVERY city and go door to door SAYING they're looking for the supposed "terrorists." What they'll REALLY be doing is grabbing every patriot with a high enough number on their point system !!!!!!! Not our guns ( YET. ) The first phase is grab US. Cram us into the camps where we'll be beheaded and our organs sold to pay for all this !!!!!! AFTER
we're rounded up they'll have very little resistance from the sheeple when they come for the guns. Foreign troops get all the booty, ( double meaning there folks, ) they can grab when doing so.

The internet will be cut off first so all you'll have is globalist news channels lying about what's happening so everyone THINKS it's just like in Boston. The dummies will let them into their homes cause they've been told they're looking for the "terrorists" that just did whatever the attacks were. It'll all happen in ONE DAY !!!! The ONLY way you'll hear what's REALLY happening is with a HAM RADIO SCANNER. That's why they don't want anyone to have those !!!!!!!!! WAKE UP SHEEPLE AND TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO VERY QUICKLY TELL EVERYONE THEY KNOW ABOUT THIS !!!!!! DON'T FALL FOR IT !!!!! AMERICA'S LOST WITHOUT THE ARMY OF PATRIOTS TO FIGHT THIS EVIL !!!!! IF WE'RE ALL LOCKED IN A CAMP ... IT'S OVER !!!!

Get a years supply of food water ammo gold and supplies. Listen to the watchmen. Get on your knees and pray like never before. THIS IS IT FOLKS. Notice the law JUST passed that allows them to use "propaganda !!!" Notice the URGENCY the DHS placed on emergency food orders last week. Notice no military personel can have leave from mid sep to mid oct. It's way past time to go door to door with flyers. To call all your friends and family. THIS ....IS ....IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aug 7, 2013

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