I can confirm that they are in Harris County Houston Tx today.-BOOKSELLERS ARE STILL GOING DOOR TO DOOR

I have been watching the alerts and news posted on beforeitnews.com about
the so-called book sellers looking for all the children in the area. I had
been seeing how they were hitting all the surrounding towns in Texas. I
can confirm that they are in Harris County Houston Tx today. One of them
came up to our house just as my father-in-law was heading out. The woman
was no more than 23 well built and had blonde hair dressed in a tshirt and
shorts. She had a huge clipboard bigger than a standard 8x11. My
father-in-law said the paper on it looked 11x11 and had writing on the top
and the bottom with about 40 names in the middle. When she came up to him
she immediately asked if he was the father of the household. I had already
told my father to be on the lookout for these things. When he told her all
his kids were grown and gone she pressed him to see if he had any
grandchildren in the house. He told her that it was just him and his wife.
She then asked if he knew other houses with kids. She was very forceful
in her speech almost like she had to know. My dad said she was looking at
peoples address numbers. My father had been a pastor for many years. I
asked him if he felt anything spiritually wrong with her. He told me yes
that she was trying to be as gooey nice as possible but that there was
something dark about her voice. My daughter is an outdoors girl and she
loves to look outside. Steve it broke my heart having to tell her she cant
open her window or go outside and play. She is too young to understand.
It infuriates me to no end that because of them I cant let her go out. I
try not to worry but I guess it goes with being a parent and wanting to
protect the blessing the Lord has given my wife and I. Ill email you
again if I see or hear anything else.

Aug 7, 2013

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