Steve, Last night before I fell asleep I asked GOD to please let me know what to look for before something bad is about to happen. Well needless to say I woke up a little disappointed because I had no dream or vision I just felt GOD was not ready to reveal it to me yet.. This morning I had to take my son to football practice we live several miles from the main road. On the way down the dirt road I saw some large black birds, they looked like ravens, there were more that the occasional one or two that I see from time to time. I thought there must be a dead animal in the woods were they were, I really did not give it a second thought. Well, when I dropped my son off at the football field I thought a would get a few laps in. As I was walking the track I looked up at the bleachers and saw 6 to 8 of those same raven type birds sitting on the top railing. I thought that was odd all the times I have been there I never saw anything like that before. Once again I did not think much about it. It was getting very warm so I drove to McDonalds to get my son a large drink when I pulled out a dollar bill it said...RAVENS in red magic marker...I said thank you LORD, for giving me the sign....Sometimes it takes me a while to connect the dots, but this confirms what other people have been saying on your site..I thought you would find this interesing...Joy

Aug 9, 2013

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