Yes, and everyone was not even a so called "volunteer" for
the experiments, not only done at Edgewood, or actually the
Aberdeen Proving Ground of which the Edgewood section is a
part, but dosing of unsuspecting and never told entire navy
ships, during which extreme measures of "watching the effects"
and also full very intrusive investigations were done, with the
extreme total and extensive hiding of all that was done. THe
USS Maddox DD-731 and also the USS Everett F Larson DD-830
had all records concealed for any and all things "done" to them.
This is fact, time period 1966 to 1969. Many good men have
suffered horribly from the effects of what done and even at the
time some succumbed and were then "erased and eliminated".
Subsequent attempts to find any records or obtain them have
met with threats, concealments, sealed documents never to be
divulged ever, absurd denials, etc. The FBI, ONI, CIA, DIA, all have
the proofs, but alas, never to be divulged, for they hold the truth of
an evil so horrible, but now being implemented in an even worse
manner upon the general public today. The new name method is "cognitive
warfare" be it by electronic means, or by combination of other stimuli
to effect the desired results. In years past it was MK, or whatever
code name was used, always changing, to hide and conceal, that
which actually never was stopped, but continues to this day.
Also, within Edgewood or better yet described As Aberdeen,
was a US Naval facility, Bainbridge, a system of various high level
USN training schools, for classified personnel, now removed and "forgotten" as almost all info to same erased but for a simple history
that contains nothing really if even that now can be found.
Jesus is Lord.

Aug 10, 2013

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