Good morning Steve, God bless. I want to tell you about this problem that's been happening to me at the bank. It happened twice in a row whenever it's time for me to withdraw money. About 2k or 3k. They asked me the first time what i do for a living, and took a long time to give me my money. Someone else came after me and withdrew and got it before me. So I answered her question. (In my mind im like, why are you asking me that and why are you asking me that before giving me my money)

The second time I went to withdraw about 3k, the bank teller came back after 2 mins asking me what was the money for. I started to get mad but then calmed down right away because I didn't want to respond in a bad way. I asked why are you guys asking me that. This is the second time I came to withdraw money and I'm asked all these question. "Once again before she gives me the money" So im thinking what if I had given an answer they did not agree with was I going to get it at all?. She responds saying ....oh no its nothing we just want to know why you got this money deposited from Amazon. Well What is it for? ..(I felt like what she really wanted to know, is why do I want the money. .. I just said it's from selling stuff. She says. . Oh ok. Just wanted to know because the manager or boss (whoever he is)... wants to know. ..

Is this the beginning of having a hard time Withdrawing.

Aug 13, 2013

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