Hangman, hangman, hangman / slack your rope awhile.
I think I see my father / ridin’ many a mile."
Hi V,

I'll try and keep it as to the point as possible. I work with a fellow who survived The Killing Fields in Cambodia because of two reasons. First his Father's determination to save his son and the other is Gold. His Father had fled to Vietnam and paid a mercenary GOLD to go into Cambodia and find and bring his son to Vietnam. The mercenary achieved this and returned with the son to Vietnam. Vietnam's policy was to jail anyone male of military age entering the country from Cambodia. Reason being is they were suspicious of spies. Once again the Father bribed a official with GOLD to A) Free him from jail and B) get his son a Vietnamese identity under a assumed name. Then his Father paid GOLD to have is son taken by small fishing boat to a bigger fishing boat off shore and eventually passage was bought with GOLD onto larger fishing boat and he became one of the boat people. Two common threads to the story are a Fathers determination to save his son and doing so by using GOLD.

I was just about in tears after I heard the whole story. Took me back to Jr. High School in Northern Jersey where I went to school and was friends with two brothers who also survived the Killing Fields. They were good friends to have but you could tell they had been through a lot. It also pissed me off seeing the other kids who would make fun of them for being Asian.

Now I understand the real VALUE of the Valcami credit sized bar and wish I could afford one.

I look at my two and half year old son or my wife and PRAY I never have to do what my friends Father did for his Son.

best wishes,

Aug 17, 2013

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