I will pledge my life to protect these that our home stands as a shelter for when the storms arrive. It is why I lean into the wind and stand watch alone, if necessary, while the children sleep.
To: Our children: Rachael, Nathan, Jessie, Ben, Jessica
Our grandchildren: Chloe, Rory, Pyper, Gabriel, Ayva,
Sophia, Gavin, Trey, Gavin W., Olivia and another coming.
Our in-laws: Bill, Brandon, Ashley, Alicia and Chris

When I remarried after the death of my wife Yvonne, I told my childhood sweetheart Liz, that there would be no “steps” in our blended family. All of our children and grandchildren would have grandma and papa to lean on, to be there for them and to keep the roof on during holidays when all were present. Liz is the consummate home fire keeper and I watch the woods and approaches to our drive day and night. The kids gather in the winter around the 1923 Montgomery Wards “Admiral” wood cook stove that has been carefully brought to full glory and renovation after 90 years of use on a farm where I found and purchased it near Ironwood, Michigan. I understand “hearth and home.” My mind centers on the moments warming one’s hands over the stove face. I know that the aroma of bacon, eggs and hash browns drives you to sneak a fork full while Liz is flipping English muffins over the firebox. The kids know the treat of the day is an apple for each sitting on the stove railing leaning against the hot surface slowly cooking. When it splits open from the heat, cinnamon and sugar are sprinkled onto our apple trees fall fruit and life is pleasant and joyful.
In our area, rural life is what you make it. Winter storms start in earnest sometime in November after hunting season and the fall color time. When we hear that a blizzard is on its way, the neighbors call one another and ask if any staples are needed since we may not move for two or three days after a 24 inch drop. I will take the four wheel drive truck to the store and load bag after bag of groceries for seven households on our road. Cattle, goats, chickens, hogs and pets are looked after by many who know the value of making your own way and tending the flocks. In that regard, nothing much has changed over the past two centuries except that my truck is a bit faster than the wagon and team of horses. Prayer meetings, shared dinners, 20 or so adults crammed in around the big screen watching Green Bay play Chicago is a great event at the Evensen log cabin. As I said, we try very hard to keep life enjoyable in spite of the evil that blows in from D.C. every single day.
I believe that although chores were much different and government was infinitely smaller then, our forefathers were forced to march down the same road we find ourselves on today. Control and power are money’s enforcers in America as it has been at the center of all government for five thousand years. Evil gravitates in the hearts of men toward the fulfillment of this lust and love of money that has caused enslavement of millions, the destruction of countless societies and the deaths of hundreds of millions of people who “trusted’ men in government to take care of them.
What is it then that blinds us to that reality? How is it that we can have thousands of examples of tyranny in our history books and still we do not believe that socialistic government is the foundation for the next level of a police state that will not EVER dismantle itself nor retreat willingly because that is what people want, need and thrive upon. To the contrary, the brutal nature of a physical police enforcement presence grows exponentially as the nation’s citizenry craves more entitlements, “rights” and intervention by government at ALL levels. Local government has learned its lessons well from the federal government as people allow bureaucrats to run it all, ransack it all and ruin it all. As I have said so many times, although I do not trust the Russians or the Chinese, I fear what Washington can, has and will do to our nation. Obama and his criminal element are only the LATEST version of the coven of the corrupt.
I have visited the past in my spirit many times and tried desperately to grasp the sense of urgency while contemplating the events that moved the hearts and actions of generations now gone. I cannot know the intimate thoughts of Jefferson, Henry, Mason, Franklin, Washington, Jackson, Lee and thousands of others, but I can tell you this as clearly as I know life itself.
Each one knew that corruption, greed, the consolidation of power, the addiction of pursuing that power, money and control as the ONLY goals in life, the brutal intimidation of those who resisted the race to get it all by men entrusted with law making and the police state would never EVER rest in that vile pursuit.
The projection of power by the King against the colonists, the enforcement of thievery by the King’s men, the silencing of protesters by kidnapping or murder, and the complacency of 97% of the citizenry left true patriots an almost insurmountable task of facing the wrath of an “almighty blood-line prince” commanding navies and armies that were being readied to quell ANY effort to face the bully squarely for a fight to the finish.
I found the old saying to be true. “It is not always the fastest gun that wins, but the gunfighter most willing and committed to pulling the trigger that prevails. In our day, we have many who brag, but the only thing they are willing to shoot off is their mouth.
Our founders knew that talk would not win the day. It would not even win a street fight. It was the example of men and women who did not say a word. They drew up their lists of traitors and King’s henchmen that REALLY needed to be killed and then did just that. No bragging at the local pub, just cutting throats and popping ,50 black powder balls into the heads of the local redcoats.
Now THAT is how to get the job done. We have deviated to far from dealing immediately with a life threatening problem, that we don’t know where to start anymore. Even thinking what I have stated, has many pissing themselves with fright. Speaking out loud about these things will cause many to check in willingly for counseling because they heard on CNN how a little 4 year old was suspended because he made his hand into the shape of a pistol at school playing outside. It is said that in the deep of night, statues of real heroes across America hang their heads in shame and disgust at our country’s cowardice in dealing with such governmental evil. We allow racial whores like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to set the tone concerning minority violence and crime. White people cringe at the thought of a discussion of race because we have been beaten into submission over being white. We cannot protest homosexuality for fear of being beaten up over being straight. I am white, straight and very proud of it. However, I will not berate you or condemn you if you are not.
The greatest single issue about independence from England was our desire to be left alone and to determine our own destiny. Free from oppression of any kind from any source what-so-ever. To pursue one’s life how one saw fit without the slightest interference or intervention by government at any level was everyone’s goal. You see, there actually existed a breed of men that was willing to fight for that which they clearly knew to be right, honorable and just. They would fight every time, they would fight until the right position prevailed and they would not accept anything else as a “compromise.”
The greatest difference and most acute tragedy today is that the vast majority of Americans do not even understand the issues as I have briefly outlined here. They do not know history, they do not understand absolute right and definable wrong. They cannot grasp a selfless lifestyle or powerful, compassionate male leadership. The “collective” is the only way to go and everybody pays their fair share of taxes—don’t you know. Go to a church that does and says nothing, attend schools that stand for and teaches nothing other than rules and regulations forced on the classroom by atheistic, communistic bunglers in the department of education. If you live in many of our cities, you cannot raise a government or keep some chickens. The mayor of New York would not have you drink coke, but you can still snort it. Why have we let this happen? Because it is easier than keeping these morons out of our lives. Had our founders felt this way, there would not have been a revolution and we would be playing loyal subjects. Ah then, we are STILL subject to the Obama health care charade that in itself is worthy of a fight.
Fight? FIGHT??? The SPLC already labeled me a domestic terrorist once; I guess they best gear up again, because Mr. Dees, you are on my short list as well.
My family and friends wonder why I am so unyielding when it comes to my core beliefs, principles and defense of the real Republic. It is simply because the few things in life REALLY worth defending and dying for are family, friends and country. We lost the country to socialists and corrupted government. I do not have many friends. So, I end where I began. It is about family. Your old fashioned Papa will not every leave nor forsake you. Perhaps a few of you will pick up the mantle when I am gone. No one else will and your job may be more difficult than mine. Remember children, a few have a vision—still fewer are willing to carry the vision to others.
The God that we claim we trust in set the pace for the race we are in. Get your marching orders from Him, defend the ones you love, keep the stove lit-------free the oppressed-------and do what has to be done. Steady, now more than ever before……..

Aug 19, 2013

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