Hi Steve,

I wanted to thank you for your web-site and also report something odd I have noticed in the past month. I live about 30 miles out of Fairbanks, Alaska, about 50 miles adjacent to Eileson Airforce Base, as the bird flies. I have lived in rural Alaska for almost 18 years, and am very aware of the military airspace that jets often can be seen flying in our area. A few weeks ago I noticed a stange aircraft flying over North Pole, Alaska, a town about 20 miles south of Fairbanks. It was not a jet as I am used to seeing. After I looked on Google images, I identified it as a F117 Nighthawk. I have been to the airshows on the AFB itself and have never seen one of these in Alaska. Also, as I was driving into Fairbanks a few days ago, I witnessed a B-2 Stealth bomber flying extremely low, and being escorted in front, and behind, by two large cargo-type aircraft. First I was amazed at seeing a B-2 Stealth flying so extremely low (and SLOW!), and also pondered why it needed the escort. We have a joint training exercise at the AFB called COPE THUNDER, and here in our community we are quite used to sonic booms around our houses when this is going on. I however, after almost 18 years of residence here,have NEVER seen these aircraft in open airspace. I personally believe things are gearing up here in Alaska for something big, and I am not looking forward to what these sightings are implicating. Thank you again for your web-site Steve. Keep up the good work!


Aug 16, 2012

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