Wanted to get this info out to you. I spoke with a friend of mine late last night. She and her family live on a private drive with a couple of other homes. Yesterday she had a gal (she was positive she was Russian) come to her home when her daughters were home alone and was trying to sell them children's books. Fortunately one of her daughters is an adult. My friend's youngest daughter answered the door. This girl claimed to be a foreign exchange college student and wanted to speak with her mother and was asking her all kinds of questions about the children in the home. My friend's daughter was extremely uncomfortable and got her adult sister who then talked to this "exchange student" outside. She was able to get the plate number off of the car. This girl was driving a white car with plates from a neighboring county. When they called it in and the plates were ran, it wasn't even registered to that car!! The number was registered to a SILVER LEXUS!! Apparently the police told my friend that this has been going on for a while now and there is nothing they can do about it. This gal also went to one of her neighbor's homes, whom I also know. She said when she told her she was not interested, they became very persistent and tried to force their way through the door. She was scared to death! There were also other reports from people here in our town today about an encounter with this same girl. She is not even using the same story! She told some other people that she works for the school district and they are also helping with tutoring and child mentoring in addition to selling these books.

I am also fairly certain that this is a second go-round in our small town. About three years back, I had a young woman (also a foreign exchange student from Eastern Europe) come to my home to sell me "children's books" that would help my children with their education. These books cost $500. Back then I was still asleep and naive to the things happening in our country and the world. But something about that whole scenario made me uncomfortable enough at the time not to allow this person into my home. Instead, business and conversation was conducted outside. I did ultimately purchase the books, but looking back I can see the error of my ways. Even then, this person was asking about information pertaining to my children and other children in my neighborhood. If only I had known then what I know now.

God be with us.

Aug 21, 2013

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