8/22/13-Russian's would soon be taking over America, bursting into people's homes and killing them

Two days ago a neighbor girl came over to our home. We have known this girl
since she was an infant. She is currently about 19 years old or 20. She is
not a Christian, and has been living a partying/drugs/alcohol etc.
lifestyle. NEVER would have expected the info she shared. Here is what she
said, two days ago, and completely out of the normal conversation we have
ever had with her. She stated that she had been communicating with a
Russian soldier in Siberia through some type of social site. This Russian
soldier told her that the Russians would soon be taking over America,
bursting into people's homes and killing them. That any one making
statements against the government and/or Obama would be thrown in jail.
That our police were being militarized. And that very soon America's
government would begin to bomb its own citizens. He said if she wanted to
survive she should get out of the city and be above an elevation of 1500
feet. I asked her if he gave any type of a date or timeline. She said He
said by December 15th we would not recognize America.

This girl is not political, not educated, not involved in keeping up with
news/politics. This is the most unlikely person on the planet of the Earth
that I ever would have thought to hear this from. God used THE MOST
unlikely source to confirm to my family of all that we have been hearing
from you and others.

What is the being safer above 1500 feet about? and have you heard the date
of December 15th?

Thank You so much for all you do.

Aug 22, 2013

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