Hi Steve, Bruce is progressing amazingly well. He has gotten so strong that as of yesterday he has been on oxygen for at least 36hrs. and has had no problems whatsoever. The respiratory therapist told us today that he is very strong, and we all know that he is strong in the power of His might!! If he goes 48hrs with no problems he should not need the ventilator at all! Thank you Jesus!! All of his vitals continue to stay strong and steady, the Lord has preserved and kept him under the shadow of His wing! His swallowing is very strong and his responsiveness to touch continues to improve. His personality definitely shines through his facial expressions as you can always see what he likes and does not like. It makes us laugh. We stand firm that God is raising him up to finish his call and everyday we have seen Gods hand moving in his body to wake him up!
Our hearts continue to be overwhelmed by all the love and support of all the precious viewers of yours and Doug's. They have supported us and written so many words of encouragement and it has strengthened us. The compassionate letter that Doug wrote about Bruce greatly moved the hearts of my family and my church family and all of your responses truly brought tears to our eyes. Only in Christ can you find this kind of love. We could never thank you all enough for your beautiful hearts towards us.
May the Blessings of our Father bountifully return to you all!

Aug 24, 2013

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