I have spoken with you before. I am the man that sent you pictures of the Spiral near Skin Walker Ranch in Roosevelt UT. I have Video Steve of these Russian Book Salesman. The woman that got the video is an acquaintance of my wife’s from Facebook (I don’t have a Facebook). There have been lots of posting on Facebook of book salesman in the area and people who are not in the know are getting freaked out and are worried it’s a Scam (I can’t help but hang my head and weep). One police department officer even posted in response not to let them in your home. One man caught them taking pictures of the inside of his home. A close friend of mine; wife was working in the Yard with the front door open and they walked right past her and entered their home and would not leave when asked and asked to use the bathroom about 5 times and she actually let him return to the bathroom about that many times! I warned them about this before all this took place but it must have fallen on deaf ears. Against my advice my wife warned these people on Facebook (which are numerous) not to talk to them and told them all that they are Russians and are on intelligence gathering missions. One woman even posted in response and asked how she knew they were Russian because no body mentioned it anywhere in the post that they are Russian but confirmed they were in fact Russian! Most people scoffed and poked fun. Out of the blue, TODAY I received a call from a woman who took heed to my wife’s warnings and caught them on Video. I have never met this woman before but she felt compelled to contact me and give me the video. I in turn am sharing it with you.

LOOK AT ALL THE NAMES in this guys book! He is writing down OCCUPATION (Single mom can be seen in the Video). He is writing down most importantly RELIGION! (Notice LDS, Latter Day Saint and Catholic in the Video, this being Utah most are LDS). He is writing down number of Children and the list is long! The only regrettable thing in the video is she didn’t get his face. She thought that she was but she did not get his face. Review the video for yourself but it’s very real and the evidence is indisputable. I can get you hard copies of the video and after writing this email I just realized that the file is too large to attach to email. So I have uploaded it to YouTube. Find it here:

Aug 26, 2013

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