Checkmate - game over - and the reverse "shock and awe" when the US military is defeated in the Middle East

I am a Desert Storm veteran who has Depleted Uranium dust in his lungs . I'm not talking out of my ass in the following paragraphs...

Yes, there is a reverse "shock and awe" coming this winter after the gradual buildup over the coming weeks, but it's not the "shock and awe" that the world might expect. The US military will be decisively defeated in the Middle East this winter while the Russians and Chinese invade the homeland of US military servicemen and women. Checkmate - game over. Goodbye USA and hello USSA (United Socialist States of Amerika).

I used to think that the globalist would use the US military superpower to usher in their new world order, but now it has become clear that they intend to use primarily the Russian, Chinese, and North Korean military to declare checkmate since there are too many US servicemen and servicewomen in the US military who will not follow orders and go along with the new world order agenda. So...they must be sent to die in the Middle East.

Iran is not Iraq. This is not going to be Iraq the sequel. The technology Iran has is going to take the west by surprise. Russia, China, and Iran are going to defeat the US superpower. China is now repositioning their military satellites with incredible precision and this has come as a complete shock to US military officials who do not yet understand that they have been betrayed by the globalist elite who built modern China over the past couple of decades.

This is going to be a reverse "shock and awe" campaign in which the US is defeated in a very big and spectacular way. The globalists are intentionally sending US troops to their deaths.

Here is just one example of why they are not afraid of the US military:

Wake up America...the globalist, New World Order architects have betrayed you.JOHN

Aug 31, 2013

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