Obama has to attack Syria...he has no choice...

Obama has to attack Syria with "limited strikes" in order to get the ball rolling. He has no choice...the elites have positioned their foreign troops in the staging areas across North America...everything is in place...the majority of the US troops (those who will not go along with the new world order) have to be shipped out to the Middle East to meet with certain death this winter while the Russians and Chinese invade the homeland this winter.

God has made it pretty clear that He is judging the backslidden and lukewarm USA and has already delivered her into the hands of her enemies the same way he delivered Israel into the hands of her enemies in times past. This is His righteous judgement coming to the USA.

Barry Soetoro (Barack Hussein Obama) is only a puppet and he is part of God's plan to deliver the USA into the hands of the Russians, the Chinese and the Muslims from the Middle East. They are already on American soil and more will arrive soon via Canada and Mexico. America will not escape God's righteous judgement and only those true followers (not lukewarm pretenders) will qualify for God's supernatural protection during the chaos and violence which is at the doors.

All of the clues suggest that the first phase of the disarming of the civilian population of the USA will begin this fall / winter. They will use their HAARP technology to trigger earthquakes and tsunamis along the east and west coasts. They will then declare a state of emergency along the coasts, round people up and take them to FEMA camps and go door-to-door to disarm the people just like they did during Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy (the mainstream media didn't report on this - the cell phones were taken from the people on the way to the FEMA camps and reporters were refused access to the camps).

They will send most of the US military to fight in Syria in the next several weeks. Some may even possibly be sent to South Korea (not sure when North Korea will get their marching orders from the illuminati). They have to send the US military far away and keep them busy (and exterminate them) while the DHS agents, the Russians, the Chinese (west coast) provide "disaster relief" and "security" during the "natural disasters" and the planned cyber attacks on the banks.

Aug 31, 2013

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