The hunting of Vets in rural areas will be done by Russians, around
here they will be driving blue Ford pickups and maybe pulling a white
camper. Asking for directions, they have suppressed pistols, a
suppressed M4 and AR-10s. The supervisors as backup, drive Excursions,
blacked out.

I'm GUESSING the trigger news announcement will be Syria, cause last
night there seems to be a disappointed murmur in their coffee shop
meetings. SQ NOTE;TOO MANY SIMILAR REPORTS COMING IN FROM ALL OVER THE COUNTRY-NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I HAVE BEEN WARNING ABOUT AS WHAT THE THREAT TO VETS REALLY IS-ALL YOUR DATA IS IN THE HANDS OF THE CONTROLLERS WHO RUN THE TEAMS-DO YOU NOW UNDERSTAND WHY VETS ARE CONSIDERED TERRORISTS BY THE VERY GOVERNMENT THEY FOUGHT FOR? -MIX-UP AND CHANGE UP ALL YOUR PREVIOUS PATTERNS-DO NOT TRAVEL WITH CELL PHONES-NOTE INFLUX OF SIMILAR DESIGNED VEHICLES AND UNDERSTAND THAT THEY HAVE LICENSE PLATE READERS AND INSTANT UPDATES THROUGH THEIR REAL TIME DATA BASE AND SATELLITE UPLINK CAPABILITIES-MAY THE GOD OF HEAVEN REVEAL THESE PLANS IN SUCH DETAIL AND ACCURACY THAT ALL ROOM FOR DENIAL WILL BE ENDED FOREVER AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THE WAR IS NOW HERE ON AMERICAN SOIL;SUGGEST EVERYONE READING THIS FAMILIARIZE THEMSELVES WITH PROJECT PHOENIX FROM VIETNAM-(In January 1965, U.S. Army Special Forces were issued Standing Orders to employ "small and highly trained units, utilizing counterinsurgency techniques", such as "ambushing, raiding, sabotaging and committing acts of terrorism against known VC include assassination".[14] Phoenix operations were conducted by a joint US/GVN intelligence gathering and counter-terror effort at the provincial, district, and village levels.[15] Emphasis for the enforcement of the operation was placed on local government militia and police forces, rather than the military, as the main operational arm of the program.[12] As one South Vietnamese Army officer observed, "this unarmed enemy was not their proper adversary..)LOOK IT UP ON WIKIPEDIA

Sep 1, 2013

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