Hey, Steve;

Two more thought on "Genetic Fury." It could be simply ethnos against ethnos, whipped into action against each other via propaganda and other means. No idea if certain scalar frequencies can address certain races versus others, and manipulate them...but certain demons associated with races or genetic groups CAN manipulate said subcultures into a fury. An other possibility would be hybrid nephalim demonized super soldiers you frequently speak of. Both could be a reason they want our genetic DNA info. Actually, it COULD go back to demonic attack and generational curses as well...Certain demons associated with family line generational curses could also be used to wip up those groups into a fury. Another possibility would be the horrible things they're splicing in the labs...intentionally or accidentally, being released intentionally or accidentally. You also know that certain diseases and viruses can be directed genetically to kill off or sicken one genetic ethnic group, but leave the other(s) alone. Many say that the Revelations passage that speaks of the beasts of the earth being diseases from animals like bird and swine flu...but it also could simply be the two legged beasts and zombies. Multiple possibilities.

God bless always in His service.JDF

Sep 2, 2013

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