In Ritual Magic an adept will use certain frequencies / vibrations to open doorways or summon "demons"; the elite are (on a truly mass scale it seems) using HAARP like technology to produce vibrational frequencies that facilitate the opening of dimensional portals / gateways in order to give entry into our dimension for those outside the gate. Spielberg, an insider, used similar tones for the "call" of the Tripods in "War of the Worlds" (machines which were obviously designed to appear reminiscent of a one eyed, pyramidal structure.)
Remember, its not the actual word abracadabra that has the power (or for that matter the specific words said in a Buddhist chant ) but the vibrations those words cause. What’s the “key” that gets you into the most forbidden part of the temple? Why of course, the password (a word, a vibration.)
What you are hearing are (in one part) gargantuan harmonic keys being projected. After all, isn’t it the trumpet that heralds ... and what does the trumpet produce... a vibration.
IMPORTANT: it’s not the act of the trumpet being sounded that instigates the opening, but the harmonic resonance of the sound itself ... the vibration is the key not the act!
Words, or rather the vibrations that create them (as well as certain musical tones) act as harmonic keys if you know how to use them. This is the secret behind the so called "words of power" in ceremonial magic; this is also the explanation as to why the ancients were able to move such huge rocks many hundreds of miles to Stonehenge; using sound and harmonics.
How were the walls of Jericho brought down? The vibration caused by the continual marching of the army. And just as God called into existence creation and is of course known as the “word” (and what in it’s purest essence is a word ) could the elite be now calling into existence their new dawn, mimicking God’s creative act in their own “Genesis of the Nephilim?” It sounds like they are “tuning” hunting up and down (possibly Enochian forms) for the access point. Also, looks like there could be some type of “communication” taking place (a la the end of “Close Encounters”) between what’s getting “called”. rather like whales in the ocean calling back and forth . Me thinks “... something wicked this way comes!" J.G. LONDON

Sep 2, 2013

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