Steve as I read THE WEIRD SOUNDS WE ARE HEARING WORLDWIDE;HARMONICS OPENING THE GATES OF HELL-SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES I thought about how God spoke everything into existence. Think about the music of today and the effect it has on people. I believe Mr. London has a very valid point. I don't have any knowledge of the dark arts but why wouldn't Lucifer try to imitate God? There may be a primary frequency or collection of frequencies that open gates. Many of the Family Radio Service 2-way radios use a sub-audio tones to open receivers to other users on the same system. Audio tones to open things is in use all around us on a daily basis. Another device that uses sound is the clap on , clap off light.

Back in the late 70s to mid 80s I was a locomotive engineer. A locomotive is a high noise environment. After a long trip on the locomotive I was spun-up and it took several hours to relax. Once again sound does effect a person. I started wearing noise reduction ear plugs and felt much better after a long train trip.

Back to music, I think certain tones or a series of tones can open the sub-conscious mind for programming. Gangster Rap is a perfect example. It is much like chanting. Makes me want to wear ear plugs all the time. For once being hearing impaired maybe a good thing!

I heard you say you are 62. I am also 62. Rode hard and put up wet........

With Jesus for Life, ANTHONY

Sep 3, 2013

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