Mr. Quayle,

I've listened to you on Coast to Coast and have been a regular visitor to
your website for the past several years. Recently, the rash of
"booksellers" going door to door soliciting information has caught my
attention. A couple of weeks ago we had a visit at our home. My wife told
me about the visit later in the day. It is similar to what has been
reported, a white male (blond hair, blue eyes) soliciting information about
quantity children in the house, and claiming to sell books. He had some
type of ID on a chain. He claimed to be from Minnesota and was driving a
car with a Florida license plate. I was able to determine the car was a
rental. My wife also told me he kept looking inside the house and also
asked for a Band-Aid, possibly as a ruse to look inside. He was not
allowed into the house.

Fast forward to today. At work I received a situational awareness bulletin
(disseminated statewide) describing an incident where a federal officer had
a visit from a w/m claiming to be a radio station intern and neighbor. The
solicitor asked where the fed worked and had an ID card covered in words
forming sentences with no meaning. The solicitor asked for a bottle of
water (ruse to get inside the house) was refused and left. The solicitor
was seen passing by several houses to go to a nearby local law enforcement
officer's home, where he was also sent packing.

Thanks for being a vital source of information. Much of what I have seen
on your alerts has, thankfully, not happened yet. However, I do see a
pattern of trends occuring which are concerning.

Steve - FYI I have been a law enforcement officer for nearly 20 years.
Most of my time has been spent working as a Deputy Sheriff and I currently
work as a state L.E. officer.

Sep 4, 2013

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