Hi Steve, Bruce continues to improve daily. They are weaning him off of the trac at this time and he has had no problems. He is becoming much more aware of touch and people around him. You can't touch him anywhere now without him moving around in response to it. His facial expressions are very clear as to if he likes something or not . He turns his head to your voice and he is opening his eyes for much longer periods of time now. He is coming much closer to consciousness. Everyday the staff come in for work and ask if he has woken up yet. For all those praying for him, and we have been so moved by how many are, continue to pray that he wakes up and stays strong. The Lord has sustained him so mightily. His life has been completely given to giving to the poor and those without, and to the widows, the elderly, and single mothers. Psalms 41 belongs to him, that God will raise him up, and all His promises are Yes and Amen!
Thank you to everyone who has held our hands up and supported us. We don't know your names or your faces , but one day we will. The Lord Bless you all for your beautiful hearts of love and giving.

Sep 8, 2013

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