Steve thought I would send you what Hornady has to say about their 308 Win 168 gr A-MAX. (Side Bar)"The Sierra Match King 168 is a hollow point boat tail bullet. This sniper round does not act like a normal hollow point bullet. In fact Sierra advises they not be used for hunting as they do not mushroom like normal hollow points. SMK 168 HPBT are good for nailing a target behind heavy glass".

The 308 Win 168 gr A-MAX has a ballistic tip which helps the bullet to cut through the air for faster, longer range coupled with high accuracy if properly loaded. Upon impact the red point is forced back into the hollow point cavity causing extreme expansion with severe terminal energy discharge in the target. I load a similar bullet, the Hornady V-Max 60 gr bullet for 223 Remington. The V-max has even greater terminal explosive qualities. Hornady designed these bullets for maximum damage and energy release in the primary target.

The 308 Win 168 gr A-MAX are match grade! (See explanation of MATCH GRADE below). In other words they are very accurate in a Quality Rifle designed for long range shooting. They are also good for KILLING with one shot. A hit with a 308 Win 168 gr A-MAX or 223 Rem 60 gr V-Max above the knees is likely fatal due to extreme tissue damage and bleeding out. Either of these bullets hit you in the shoulder the result will likely be your arm being blown off with death in just a few minutes. Same thing with an upper leg shot!

Based on bullet selection I can say the BP is not planning on taking any prisoners!!! These rounds are usable out to 1000 yards. To get to the 1500 yard mark you need the same bullet in a heavier weight fired out of a 300 Win Mag. The US Military has just adopted the 300 Win Mag with 220 gr bullets for usability at 1500 yards.

Steve this is the type of shooting I do as a hobby. A close friend and I have our own range to play on. The black dot on the same hole group I sent to you a few days ago is 1 inch. I had a self inking rubber stamp made so I could make targets out of paper plate. The 1 inch dot is 1 MOA at 100 yards. All of my primary bullet accuracy test is done at 100 yards. If the rifle likes the bullet and load we move out. At long range you want the bullet to print a round hole which indicates the bullet is still stable. It is like a puzzle with lead and gun powder!

Most state side snipping will be at less than 100 yards in a city or less than 300 yards in wide open. One of these bullets through the mouth and out the back of the head is called a "Light Switch Shot". Your body goes limp with no reflex action such as pulling a trigger. You are DRT - "Dead Right There" with a shot like this. If times get tough and you need to down a cow to eat be sure to use a head shot or you will waste a lot of meat. If you are Nephilim Blood Line and eat people the same head shot rule applies......

I hope this gives the Taxpayer an idea of what their tax dollars are going for!!! These are not bullets for target practice by LEOs.

Sep 10, 2013

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