Dear Steve,

I have been following your website for about a year now and am so very thankful that you have the courage to tell us the truth about so many things. I have read several of your books and am currently in the middle of "True Legends". What an eye opener. I believe every word of what you say.
My main reason for writing is to tell you of an incident my son witnessed about 3 weeks ago. He lives on a small farm we own in SW Virginia (my wife and I live in Chapel Hill, NC) just outside the town of Stuart, VA and we have several head of cattle that my son is raising. This part of Virginia is at the base of the Blue Ridge mountains and very rural with many small valleys with creeks and small farms. One day he was out in the field with the animals and suddenly he heard helicopters flying overhead. He told me there were three OD green unmarked Russian helicopters flying around like they were on a recon mission looking at livestock, crops, etc. He recognized them as Hind Mi-24 helicopters he had seen in movies. These are the ones with wheels, not skids and have a small wing that sticks out the side which is really a weapons platform. My research tells me that this is an attack helicopter. Three years ago, he saw several all black unmarked helicopters flying around, but couldn't identify them because they were too far away. This sends a chill down my spine, but could they be scouting for food sources for a potential ground invasion?

God bless you and the Hagmanns for all you do.

Sep 11, 2013

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