Dear Steve,
Talked with the (daughter of my heart) last week. Her husband is a doctor
at a V.A. hospital. They are very upset for numerous reasons lately, but
here are the two we discussed. Apparently for a doctor to prescribe
narcotics to his patients at the V.A., they are required to have a
bar-coded card that they swipe for the order. Without it they can do
nothing! These cards have to be re-issued because they expire. Numerous
doctors at this hospital, under the authority of our daughters husband,
have cards very near expiration. So many, in fact, that it is becoming
critical that they are renewed. When they sought to expedite the renewal
of the cards, they were told by the government that there was only one
machine in the nation producing them and it only operates one hour per day.

Our son-in-law went to his superior and told him, It we doctors cant get
the required cards renewed and are unable to provide the meds necessary to
treat our patients, I am going to advise all of my doctors to tell their
patients to go directly to the V.A. Emergency room where, by law, they have
to be given the needed drugs for at least 24 hours, and I will have them
repeat this process as long as necessary. The E.R. will be swamped. He
was very angry by the lack of concern and action by the government (not his
superior who seemed to have his hands tied).
On top of that, the medical staff is no longer able to aid a patient that
is leaving the hospital and collapses, if it is outside of the ambulance
bay. If he collapses just outside of the bay, they have to call 911 and
wait for them to arrive and help. In the meantime, how many of the men and
woman who have fought so bravely for our freedom will die because they do
not get the help they need soon enough? Have they been deemed unworthy,
and no longer worth the expenditure of government resources??
I have read about veterans being targeted, and this certainly seems like it
could be intended to aid in their demise.

Sep 19, 2013

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