I was over at Voice of Russia (VOR) and saw this article:

"Mass Facebook 'suicide': 'we cannot completely avoid services we don’t trust' - Euro-MP,"

September 18 by Angela Davis (interesting name...) a rather prolific correspondent at VOR.

This article details what may become a mass exodus from social network sites like FaceBook. I never had an account there, but as you know, millions and millions are "served" world-wide. The Exodus stems from reports that NSA et al has been spying on facebook users.

Virtual identity suicide is growing as internet users start quitting social networks over privacy concerns. A recent inquiry of Vienna University reveals that about 9 million Americans and two million Britons deleted their Facebook profiles after recent reports of NSA’s spying activities on the internet. Amelia Andersdotter, a Swedish politician and Member of the European Parliament (MEP), elected on the Pirate party list, gave the Voice of Russia an exclusive interview in which she talked about the multiple reasons for Facebook suicides and the pros and cons of NSA surveillance. According to Andersdotter, cyber-surveillance is one of the most prominent examples of 'internet militarization' which has to be stopped if we wish to live in a 'brighter future'.

Q: Do you think that mass quitting will be picking up speed? What could that lead to?
Andersdotter: What we are seeing is a global breakdown of trust, systems that we were expected to be satisfied using for schools, healthcare, our social life contacts with our families, our friends, all of this, turns out that they are not trustworthy. We do our banking on the internet and the NSA clearly undermines the entire civil and market society that we have tried to build on the internet because it is nice to build stuff together.
And so I think this is also partially the motivation for Mr. Snowden to reveal these things that this is undermining the fabric of society when security agencies, not only the NSA but also in other countries in Europe and god knows where, they are undermining the fabric of what it means to have a civilian space where civilians interact peacefully in order to bring a better tomorrow. We need people to trust in that because if they cannot trust in that, that is very bad.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2013_09_18/Mass-Facebook-suicide-we-cannot-completely-avoid-services-we-don-t-trust-Euro-MP-5398/

Yeah, we all thought we were getting a freebie; turns out though, it came at a very high price, and now that people know what that price is, they are thinking, I thought it was fun and all, but now not so much.

what was it the Mariner said, "Nothing's free in Waterworld."

I work in IT. I knew the score on facebook and didn't get involved. Now everyone knows why and I get to say, "I told you so." A lot of people ate up a lot of my precious time (poor network devils...24/7 just isn't enough time) whining about how come their PDA or android or what-have-you wouldn't connect. I had to fix it because, well, that was "my job" but I would also give them the warning spiel about being safe with personal info etc on facebook and twitter. I hope those people who also blew me off about this now know better, but the the upshot is, they already have all your info, you gave it to them and you aren't getting it back. It's a little late in the game to bail out of FB as if, that makes it all better, and you're safe now. Having said that though, this is part of what it takes from us, the saying "NO!" to their system. There are NUMEROUS other ways to say, "NO!" and we should use them too. DAVID

Sep 20, 2013

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