Something that helped us to bind with the Celtic people of the day was a common knowledge of a race of beings who had round eyes. Not as Caucasians, but perfectly round eyes. Also, these beings were unable to see in the day light, so they were beings of the night. If they came into the sunlight, thy were blinded to the point that they could not defend themselves. They are said to lived in holes, or caves in the mountains of North Carolina, Kentucky Georgia, Virginia and west Virginia. Today we call this area Appaliachia. They were Giants and had extra fingers and toes. Most agree they were between seven and nine feet tall. And swift of foot.

I know a place that is now Federal land where mountains of bones once could be found. I was told by tribal elders that it was in that place the race of beings discarded the bones of the animals and humans they has killed and eaten at night. The Cherokee, AND Creek people posted guards and kept a large fire burning at night to defend their people from these beings. The things I have written so far are known as true knowledge among my people. The flowing is open to speculation
it is passed down to our people that these beings could come and go through holes in the earth into other realities.
It is said that they could change their shape. One could be standing very near one and not know it until it reached out and ripped a limb off and began the eat. They were known to steal virgin, un married women and girls and vanish with them, then in a few hours or days, return the maiden who would be found to be pregnant which in that day was a death sentence for the poor girl.

Sep 22, 2013

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