Why - First Responders: Radios Failed During Navy Yard Shooting

Steve after reading First Responders: Radios Failed During Navy Yard Shooting I was not surprised in the least! Having been a amateur radio operator for over 45 years I understand how the new "Trunked Radio Systems" work. I might add a very close friend maintained the county wide trunked system locally for many years and he explained how the system worked when I went out with him to service the system. The key point in the trunked systems is computer control over the internet. In our county there are 3 repeater towers interconnected and synchronized with a GPS time base. All 3 repeaters broadcast the same signals at the same time. The trunked radio system is very complicated in how it works and if anything in the system fails it does not work. If GPS signals were lost the trunked system would fail. If the computer controlling the system fails again the radios are useless! Federal grants paid for most of the trunked radio systems used by first responders and there were strings attached. The Federal Government has a Back-Door into all of the trunked systems with Command Control of the system. They also have hidden talk groups on all of the systems. If your local sheriff or police chief does not play ball with the Feds then their radios stop working and no one locally can over ride the shut down. All of the Federal team players will still have working radios when the good guys radios fail. Beware of free gifts from the federal government!

I have to wonder if the system wasn't taken down to allow the shooter more time to operate....... The guy looks like a mind control subject to me....... Don't forget the onsite CERT team was told pack up and leave when they were right there and trained for just such a situation. It just looks like a highly controlled false flag operation to me because everything possible was done to give time for a high body count.

Sep 22, 2013

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