Dream on August 16th, 2012

I was at Wall Street, when everything was going as normal, then all of a
sudden I noticed people started to panic, and cry out No.. I lost
everything. Next they started to pull at all the numbers on the boards and
taking down the electrical screens out of anger, somewhere saying I lost
everything, there was great crying of anger, sadness, as if they were
tormented. Everything just got out of control, as this was happening I
walked out of there knowing it was not safe inside that building. As I
walked outside out of know were came these Foreign soldiers, I knew they
were not from the USA, and they were like larger than normal in size but
killing people as they went forward. I tried to hide with a friend and
told him look we cant hide here we can be seen. Then I woke up.


Aug 17, 2012

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