YOUR BANK DEPOSITS ARE NOT YOURS ANY LONGER-BIG HEADS UP--I think bail ins are around the corner, and we are right at the edge of a financial collapse

We live in Lafayette Louisiana. We own a small business and tried to
payroll one of our employees. Our employee went to the bank to DEPOSIT the
check into her personal account and the teller told her it would be 7
business days for the check to go through. We thought that was odd since
the check is from a local CHASE bank- this action usually takes 2 business
days in our town. After waiting several minutes she suggested what needed
to be done: Go to Chase, cash the check and bring the cash back to this
particular bank. When the employee called me and told me the problem, I
went to the local Chase bank and requested a withdrawal of the amount we
owed her. We did this because the amount was over 5,000$ and didn't want
her to have any problems or be "flagged". The bank told me they couldn't
cash the check because my business account was on hold and was "closing the
account". After nearly two hours and informing the bank manager along with
several customers standing in line that I guess there is a banking crisis
going on they brought me to another room and brought me the cash I
requested. Our account had plenty in the account to cover the withdrawal.
The bank informed me we were in good standing. I told the CHASE employee
about my employee having this difficulty and asked is this new policy. He
said it was but they are suppose to inform the curious nothing has changed
and this is the way it has always been. I think bail ins are around the
corner, and we are right at the edge of a financial collapse. I pray your
audience informs others of the situation and protects themselves and their
friends and families.

Sep 27, 2013

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