More glitches-Med. Ins. Premiums not taken out of checks/COMPANY WAITING FOR OBAMACARE AND HIGHER PREMIUMS?

Hi Steve.

Been paying real close attention to all of these "glitches." Something is definitely up. Have our own input to add to the growing concern. My husband received a company-wide email this week informing the employees that their medical insurance premiums had not been deducted from their pay for the ENTIRE month of September. When we went back and looked at the pay stubs, we were able to confirm it had not been taken out of either check. The employer claims it was because of a problem from back in December 2012 in their system. And it just happens now? Timing seems a little too coincidental in my opinion. The email indicated that because of this issue, premiums for the month of September would be taken out of the next two checks in October...right at the same time the new premiums for Obamacare begin. A double whammy for the month of October for these employees.
Hard times are coming. I can feel it. Prepare now while you still can.
God be with you and yours.


Sep 28, 2013

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