This is an answer to prayer: HE is still on the Throne!-ELAINE PRAYED GOD ANSWERED!

Two days ago I prayed to The One True, Living God and to His Precious Son:

Please, LORD, send rats to eat the wires to/in/within the NSA facility in Utah. Rats like eating the insulation & they must chew on anything because their front teeth keep growing constantly.

I told HIM I didn't care how this (or any destruction to the enemy's camp) was accomplished because HE is in full charge & control of all situations.

My prayer continued:

Please, Lord, let these evil ones fall into the pits of their own making. Just as Haman hung on the gallows he built for Mordechai, let them be destroyed by their own devices.

HE is still on The Throne of Heaven and this is HIS Universe. Let us all pray for restraint and total destruction upon the evil one and his minions from The Holy Throne.

Thank you, Dear and Precious, Wounded Adoni!

Halleluyah! and Amen.

Oct 9, 2013

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