Our Country 35 Years to the Present

Oct 8, 2013

35 years ago I wrote a letter to the editor of the Orange County Register, located in Santa Ana, CA. It was a letter of letting the readers know how blessed we were to be Americans and to be proud of that fact. Our world 35 years ago was a completely different place. People were Americans in the true sense of the word. We celebrated the 4th of July with patriotism, pride and enthusiasm. We proudly displayed our beautiful flag to see the majesty of it flowing powerfully in the breeze. We would proudly stand up at public events when our National Anthem would be played or sung. We taught our children that our country was founded on the greatest foundation, God, and that our Founding Fathers designed it after His Word and in that way we would be a nation of respect, wealth and sovereignty, freedom and rights to enjoy our property and true ownership of it. We had a Constitution that gave us these rights and a Supremacy Law to uphold them under this Constitution if they were ever to be challenged by some tyrannical government entity that may be accidentally, or falsely, be voted in as President. Even worse, a leader who would want to throw the Constitution out and make up laws to fit their agendas. There was no country like it in the world. Everyone that wanted to escape tyranny came here. Everyone who wanted to escape hunger came here. Everyone that wanted to escape any type of abusive government came here. This was the BEST place on the planet. Our healthcare was superior to that of any of around the world, oh yah, did I not mention, people from other countries who needed immediate treatment for whatever ailed them, came here so they could receive the best medical treatment in the world.

Unfortunately, all of the above has been dashed in almost a 6 year period of time by the current administration and the henchmen it employs. I say employs, because only a crime boss who hires undesirable people such as murderers, thieves, and liars who are so skillfully good at these horrible attributes can achieve the disgusting crimes against the people of this country as they have and are about ready to do, you haven’t seen anything yet. The coming economic collapse will chaotically spread throughout the nation like a swarm of locusts. No one will even be remotely prepared for the Carthage like destruction it is going to facilitate. The mental distress not to mention the physical challenges that each of us will have to labor through to defend ourselves against the most evil technologies to kill human beings ever innovated. So, in essence, preparing with food, shelter, and the everyday necessities is not going to be even close to being enough. We must prepare mentally, like combatants do. This IS a psyche lesson in the making. Instead of teaching your children to be a person of faith and to love their country and respect it and just plain respect as far as politeness goes, now you must teach them how to defend themselves with weapons and with a mindset of survival in the worst of situations. How far have we come from 1978? I can’t even recognize my country. Back then I would never have imagined that it would even comes close to the wreck it has become. My dear God, it is 1917 Russia here in Amerika! This is a scene from the 1980’s movie with Chris Kristofferson, AMERIKA! One everyone should watch, Déjà vu people.
The other reason that America was a whole different place back then was the Great Generation od World War II were still alive and would NEVER have put up with the communist push and corruption that we are going through today. My parents were of that generation; these are the same people who are being bullied out of the monument that was built in their HONOR. Those brave men and women laid down their lives for this nation and unselfishly dies to do their best to keep us free. Do you all see the draconian act of disrespect? The ones that the irresponsible people voted in to lead us. Instead, they are leading us to a grave and I mean this literally. Just ask Marion Carey who was boldly shot to death just this last week in front of us all via television and the internet. Get used to it, if you don’t want to stand up for your God given rights. What we have spawned in this nation, a people of jellyfish? This has only been within the last 20 years and has incrementally gotten worse. Kids have replaced their imaginations with stupid computer games, stupid television shows, all contaminated with violence, immoral behavior, acts of ritual witchcraft, alien attacks, homosexuality and low self esteem. Do you see God in any of this? Our kids know right now out of the gate that they best lick the boots of their moms because they could have been aborted and never have been, because the laws say that a baby is a choice. They have been dumbed down by the social elitist’s
educational systems. They are taught that they originally came from green scum, or a monkey. They are not told that they are the amazing creation that was ever made, out of God’s image, for that matter they don’t even know who God is. They need to be told they can, rather than they never will. They need to made to use their imaginations in creative respects, rather than counter productive. They need to be encouraged to do the right thing instead of utilizing criminal behavior to get ahead. They need to be inventive and go through experiments to innovate new miracles of the mind God gave them. This is where it starts, with our children. What kind of world do they have to look forward to? On every level. Remember the words, Roll Model? The leaders that were foolishly voted in are just that. Look at what the careless voters did. Domino effect.

With this said, a new foundation of sand that has, or, is being established will never stand. It will only crumble economically, socially, mentally, physically, morally and most important, spiritually. Only the individual can believe if it is too late or not. TAKE ACTION!


Oct 9, 2013

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