Before I post my dream here, I want you to know that in 1987 I dreamt the
launch and explosion of the Columbia Space Shuttle. I shared the dream with
my wife and parents several days before it happened, and as my wife and I
were leaving bible college, I heard the news. What I saw on TV was the
exact thing I saw in my dream, except I knew the astronauts survived the
explosion and drown. We later learned that some of the astronauts did have
water in their lungs.This is a dream that I had on the night of 29 December, 2011.

It seemed that I was somehow looking at an electronic radar board of the
world continents. Where ever I was, I was in a safe place but able to
receive news and able to know what was going on in the world. The first
thing I saw was an nuclear explosion somewhere in either Europe or the
Middle East. I was only aware that a significant explosion, most likely a
nuclear one had taken place there first that was significant, but I had no
details. Next I heard the notification that 2 incoming missiles were being
tracked heading toward the USA. At this point I was looking from way
overhead the US on what could be a map or some kind of radar. I saw the two
missiles being tracked as they approached the US Mainland on the East
Coast. I could not see, nor did I have any idea who or where the missiles
had been launched in the dream. It was as if they had appeared very close
to the mainland like a launch from a submarine near the East Coast. Again,
I could not verify that; I just saw 2 missiles coming quickly to the inland
and we did not have much advance notice. Then I saw one that looked like
it was going to land in Washington DC and right before it hit, I saw what I
knew was the President's plane on a radar taking off well before the
explosion. Air Force One took off heading west and then quickly made a hook
180 degrees heading out into the Atlantic. Just as they got over the
water, I saw the first missile strike what seemed to me to be Washington. I
was looking at the map and at first I though it hit in North Carolina or
Virginia, then as I looked closer I could see that it had struck DC. Then
as if I somehow knew, the second missile was heading to New York City or
possibly Chicago. I did not see the second one strike, but somehow I knew
that it was heading to one of those cities because I was saying it in my
mind. It was at that point that I awoke from the dream.

I am not sure what this dream means, but I have had a dream earlier in
December where I saw Chicago receiving a direct hit from a Nuclear Missile.
The two dreams could be related, but I am not sure.

Oct 14, 2013

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