TRUMPET VERIFICATION: Approximately 2 years ago I was sound asleep when I was jarred out of bed by the sound of a massive trumpet



I just read the alert regarding a gentleman hearing a loud trumpet.

YES, let him know, YES! I have also heard a trumpet.

Approximately 2 years ago I was sound asleep when I was jarred out of bed
by the sound of a massive trumpet. The best way I could describe it was it
was so loud, I could feel it in every part of my body. I jumped out of
bed, ran to the living room to investigate. My dogs, my wife and kids were
all snoring

I stood there in the dark trying to figure out what the heck just happened.
I was wide awake, goose bumps racing up the back of my neck, when all of a
sudden I had a download, (best way to describe it,) of information.....I
was told that the time was near and we as Christians needed to prepare. My
job was to go to the church and tell them that we needed to repent, turn
our faces back to God and the unusual part.....we, as a church body were to
start storing food, water and extra supplies in the empty rooms at the
church. Once they were full, we were to give to whomever needed and
continually restock.

Two things; It was very clear that all who could participate, needed to,
and times were going to get very tough for Christians in the not too
distant future.

Steve, I also think it is important to mention that this was not an audible
voice, even though I say, "I was told." It was informatiin I was just,

I went to a couple of members in church, told them my experience. They,
well let's just say they didn't really believe me. That was the "line in
the sand" for me....

Since then my family and I have been preparing. I keep up on all the news
and info and do my best about relaying that info to those who will listen.

I must say, I am absolutly frustrated with the way a lot of churches are
ignoring prophesy and the signs all around us. Because of thier refusal to
approach the subject, I strongly believe many will loose faith and be
easily persuaded into believing false doctrine.

Oct 16, 2013

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