Militarized Police and Sheriff Depts :NATIONAL GUARD NOW UNDER DHS CONTROL


Bless you and thank you for all you do!

As I'm sure most of us are, I've been very concerned about the militarization of our local police and sheriff departments. After reading your alert about East coast law enforcement officers being asked if they would disarm citizens if so ordered, it occurred to me that our local law enforcement may NEED that military arsenal and equipment to defend our cities, counties and states from the federal or foreign forces!

Civil war indeed. I'm hoping most in the military are still dedicated Americans, and perhaps the leadership that has been relieved of duty due to "loss of confidence" will be willing to lead against hostile forces if the time comes.

FYI, today, an NCO, active duty National Guard from Northeast USA called in to the Alex Jones Radio Show. The National Guard is now under DHS command and the mission orders coming down are being changed to "insurrection" control.

He advised Alex that he and others had done a "beta test" wherein they posted printed Constitutional Bill of Rights and their Oath on the Safety Board and main Announcement Board. JAG said it was constitutional. They watched which bulletins are being taken down. Cory actually broke down temporarily - the other NCO's and others personnel are scared.

This must be exposed to the bright light of day...we need to help these brave men and women who have released information on how the military is turning patriotic Americans into the "enemy."

Molon Labe!

Oct 23, 2013

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