Brother Steve,
Peace be with you. I pray that what I tell you will be a benefit in
keeping many of the frozen chosen safe.
I often listen to you on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, your insight has
given me quite a thorough understanding of what we face as active duty
members and as Americans.
Sir, I have experienced a few things in my short career as a AC-130U Aerial
Gunner in AFSOC as you can imagine. What I have to share with you deals
with the training we do on a normal nightly routine.
During our normal 4 to 5 hour training missions here in the states, we
accomplish a Live-Fire mission over one of the Eglin AFB ranges, and then
we complete a "Dry-Fire" mission over a town in Alabama and Florida. A
dry-fire mission is a simulated Live-Fire mission without expending any
rounds out from the plane. I believe you might know the capabilities of
the AC-130U Spooky Gunship, so I won't cover them. During a Dry Fire
mission, the Aerial Gunners mainly practice calling out combat evasive
maneuvers to move the plane away any simulated threats (Triple A, and
Manpad). A very demanding requirement in crew communication in order to
keep our 13 member crew safe.
The Dry-Fire missions are brief after the Crew Brief prior to take-off.
Each Dry-Fire mission has a combat scenario that is followed in order to
complete the required training for a given flight. Every scenario has GPS
cords of the simulated enemy headquarters/positions. So far, 80% of the
Dry-Fire I have been on, the simulated enemy headquarter positions would be
a "Church" (Primary Target).
Picture this: at 9,000 feet in a 30 degree-bank orbit, an AC-130 Gunship
with firepower enough to handle most any Close Air Support (CAS) Call for
Fire tasking is above any town USA. Along with a simulated stack of a UAV
at 6 to 7,000 feet, and a fast mover over top.
I will try to give you a feel for the mission execution: Pattern is
(Simulated) cleared, and we have clearance to go HOT over the target
(unless we have a Kill Box, then it is open season). First simulated round
of 105MM HEI is sent through the roof of the building, this stirs the
enemy, and soon their running in every direction. Time to go DTA (Dual
Target Attack) mode, with 105's still addressing the building structure, we
then (simulate) bring the No. 1.(25MM) or No. 2 (40MM) gun on line to
assist to eliminating any IR signatures that are (simulated) running out
the doors and windows. I will let you fill in the rest.
Everything during the event during a Dry-Fire mission is simulated..No live
rounds ever get chambered or move towards the guns. What I want to make
you aware of is our use of Churches as Enemy Headquarters. Could it be
that leadership is desensitizing us (Special Ops crews) the Quiet
Professionals in possible future missions in firing on "Churches"? There
might be nothing to this training, but I thought you might want to see if
your sources might know.
God Bless You, and Stay Safe.

Oct 29, 2013

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