Army National Guard in Illinois for 8 years out of Effingham, IL - largest infantry company in Illinois recent briefing from State Police to Work with the National Guard for Riot Control

I recently sent in an alert about a convoy of armored humvees and personnel carriers transporting generators and lighting systems in southern Illinois. I have been an Infantry soldier in the Army National Guard in Illinois for 8 years out of Effingham, IL - largest infantry company in Illinois.

This weekend we were paid a visit from a state police officer. This is the only time this has happened in the 8 years I have been in. He briefed us on how we would work with them during a time of crisis where riots would break out. He went over formations, Rules Of Engagement (Use of non-lethals such as CS gas, pepper spray, and dogs - not unusual), and command structure. He told us that we would be there as backup for the State Police and under their command until they are overrun. At that point, we would take over and they would fall in under our command. I just wanted to share this to add to the proof that there are preparations being made for riots. After this briefing, I had 2 NCO's apologize to me. One of them said they used to think I was crazy when I was talking about these things 2 years ago and now they fully believe everything I have been saying. This was a good sign to me that the guys in my unit are really starting to wake up even though they are not fully awake to all aspects of whats about to happen. I have been trying to wake my guys up for 3 years now and they are finally starting to realize the severity of this and everyone I have talked to the past few months said they will never confiscate firearms or assist in confiscating firearms from Americans. So that's good..

Recently on Alex Jones, a Military Police soldier called in about a brief from FEMA pertaining to the suspension of the constitution and gun confiscation. We have not had any visits from FEMA or DHS and I am having a hard time figuring out if the Illinois National Guard is on the people's side or the globalists side. 2 months ago they allowed us to take our body armor and ceramic plates home. This has never been done before. They have always been in a locked cage. A lot of guys in my unit found this to be very odd. Maybe they are trying to give us a little bit of help without making a public announcement that there is about to be a civil war? I don't know for sure.

I pray each day that God wakes up and stirs up his people so they can prepare for war - physical and spiritual.

If you haven't already been making plans with others to band together, you better get to it. Strength in numbers is critical to your survival - after trusting in God of course. From a military mindset, I know that we do not stand a chance against their MRAP's and tanks and drones and tactical teams by ourselves. I know how fast a team of highly trained men can overtake a house, a neighborhood, a city.. This is why prayer will be absolutely critical in this fight. Its time to equip the armor of God and his spiritual weapons

Nov 3, 2013

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