First let me say it has been too long, I apologize for being swamped with work and with everything that has been going on. I do not know if any of you have spoken to Michael but I want to share an important update.

"They" are going after him. A few days ago Michael's auto insurance company contacted him to let know that his vehicle was involved in a hit and run in Brooklyn NY and that the Police are looking for him in regards to this. The funny thing is that Mike has never been in Brooklyn for the last few years.

The Police (NYPD) contacted him and let him know that the exact description of his car and license plate was reported by eye witness and traffic cams showing him: rear ending a vehicle, running over a few individuals and then hitting a lamp post and speeding off.

Clearly this is NOT Mike as he is home unemployed with NO contacts or prospects in Brooklyn. The police are wanting him to come down to the station in NYC I strongly suggested that he does not go alone and that he need not go at all since he was NEVER there to begin with. ( I believe what ever description of the cars was done through digital manipulation, hacked remotely)

The very next day also they found one of their kids sleeping in bed with an electrical cord tied around his neck. When awoken the child had no idea what happened or how even a cord was even in the bed.

Here is another reason why the pressure is on him: He recently had the one hundred dollar bill analyzed under a high powered microscope and what he found was startling to say the least. As both you gentlemen know, when I was working for(REDACTED) brokering commodities I spoke of a time that before the market opened, I saw the chairs of the board and executives gathered together for cabalistic rituals and prayers.

Well Michael has found on the new bills, cabalistic symbols and Hebrew lettering which he has taken to a Hebrew expert. When the expert ( Scholar) saw Michael's findings he was "shaken to the core". The Hebrew letterings were the names of Fallen Angels and demons. There were spells on there as well for Mind Control and Manipulation. Michaels findings and conclusions were that the bills are a for of talismans. It seems like what Steve says Money and ITs control is the root of ALL EVIL. This also gives to meaning to the phrase "On The Money".

He would like to make this public knowledge as he fears that he might NOT have much time left.
Your Brother,V

Nov 4, 2013

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